What Happened To The Family Of The Deceased Alexander Dedyushko

What Happened To The Family Of The Deceased Alexander Dedyushko
What Happened To The Family Of The Deceased Alexander Dedyushko

Video: What Happened To The Family Of The Deceased Alexander Dedyushko

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Ten years have passed since the once popular actor Alexander Dedyushko tragically passed away. Journalists contacted his ex-wife to find out what happened to the family of the deceased artist.


As a result of an accident on the 110th kilometer of the Moscow-Ufa highway, on November 3, 2007, actor Alexander Dedyushko, his wife Svetlana and eight-year-old son Dmitry died. For some unknown reason, the artist's car crossed two continuous stripes and fell under the wheels of a truck. Immediately after the accident, an investigation team began to work at the scene, which had to figure out why this car accident happened. Soon the culprit was found, and it turned out to be the deceased actor himself.

Ten years after the tragedy, journalists contacted Dedyushko's ex-wife Lyudmila Tomilina, with whom he lived for 22 years, gave birth to a daughter, Ksenia, but left when he fell in love with another woman. "When Sasha said that he had another, I let him go … Yes, it was hard for me, I cried, but he and I were smart enough not to make our daughter a hostage of our divorce. After parting, we remained close to each other, dear people! And I, and our daughter Ksyusha were friends with Sveta, with Dima. We communicated with families. Maybe it will seem strange to someone that the former and current wives communicate, but we had that way, "said the ex-wife of the artist.

Lyudmila told. that after the death of Dedyushko, the parents of his wife Svetlana appeared, whom allegedly "no one had seen before." “They moved to his house near Lipetsk, and Sveta’s sister stayed to live in Sasha’s apartment in Moscow. Rather, he was the owner of two rooms in a three-room apartment, a 92-year-old grandmother lived next door to him. And he bought the second room shortly before his death. We did not want any enmity with Sveta's relatives. Both my daughter and Sasha's mother, Elena Vladimirovna, renounced all inheritance rights, "said Lyudmila.

The only thing, according to the woman, was that they asked their relatives to return them the Dedyushko award for Best Actor in the TV series "Operational Pseudonym". They allegedly asked for money. Lyudmila's second husband paid them the required amount, but the relatives said that they had lost the reward.

“And what was my surprise when, five years after the tragedy on the program“Live”, where we were dragged by deception, they showed this award. I never thought that people could act so meanly! When the tragedy with Sasha happened, we agreed that until 40 days we will not sort out his things. When we later arrived at the apartment, everything was empty there, "complained Lyudmila.

The woman told what happened to the old mother of the deceased actor. "This year, at the end of May, Elena Vladimirovna had a stroke. After that she could no longer get out of bed. It's good that her granddaughter Tatyana lives with her (daughter of her brother Dedyushko, who has been dead for a long time. - Ed.), she organized the care. But on August 7, Elena Vladimirovna died … "- quotes ex-wife Dedyushko" Interlocutor ".

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