Psychic About Barnabas And Myakinkov: "There Is No Past Passion"

Psychic About Barnabas And Myakinkov: "There Is No Past Passion"
Psychic About Barnabas And Myakinkov: "There Is No Past Passion"

Video: Psychic About Barnabas And Myakinkov: "There Is No Past Passion"

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Marianna Abravitova spoke about the current relationship of the couple

Ekaterina Barnabas recently celebrated her 35th birthday. During interviews timed to coincide with the girl's anniversary, journalists asked when the TV personality would marry her longtime lover, choreographer Konstantin Myakinkov, because he made an offer two years ago. In response, Barnabas joked - they say, the groom never saved up for the ring. And then she said that there would be no wedding, because the role of the "old bride" did not suit her. At the same time, the girl did not go into the details of her current relationship with Konstantin. However, in a comic photo collage published in honor of her birthday, Katya signed one of the pictures as follows: “Every passenger is a transit one.” Now fans are worried if the TV personality has parted with Myakinkov. What happens in the couple's relationship and whether she will get married in the end, asked the tarologist and psychic Marianna Abravitova.

“It’s not so fashionable to get married now, and many people choose an open relationship. For some it is a civil marriage, for some it is a guest marriage, but it is still a love relationship. In the case of Barnabas, everything went to the wedding, but since everything is now slowing down, their relationship stalled. The moment of family and cloudless happy life has been missed,”says Marianna.

“The relationship will not reach the wedding, because there are already many claims and grievances against each other. Everything in their union is very viscous. The cards indicate that marriage is very illusory. Moreover, there is no longer any advice to strengthen these relations. All the sharpest, brightest and most interesting in their relationship is already behind. I would advise them not to put the topic of legitimizing relations at the forefront, but still calm down and let go. I will say more, even in bed, they no longer gravitate towards each other, and the sexual component is not in the first place. All their conflicts are at the everyday level, and there is no past passion. In general, Barnabas is a person with a complex character, egocentric, too focused on creativity, and it is very difficult to live with such a lady. In the classical sense of the word, a wife is not about Ekaterina at all,”Abravitova said.

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