10 Men Who Are Only Good At Fantasy

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10 Men Who Are Only Good At Fantasy
10 Men Who Are Only Good At Fantasy

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You see them on the Internet or on a magazine page. Maybe you meet at a party and then you can't forget These men are so different, but they have one thing in common: it's sweet to dream about them. But you hardly need them in real life.


1. The man who sent you an offer via the Internet to chat

and you are not going to answer. You have already managed to imagine how sweet, kind and good he is, and what is there - in your thoughts you are already babysitting your grandchildren, but you have not gotten around to writing to him right away, and now a month has passed and it is somehow inconvenient to answer. it still won't be any better than your dreams of it.

2. Celebrity

Even those of us who don't advertise this sometimes fantasize about a famous actor or musician. Now imagine for a moment what it would be like in real life, not colored with a pink haze. He has a crazy schedule, rehearsals, performances, tours, interviews and all sorts of PR events, and you get a ma-a-ah little piece of his time, when he, exhausted to the limit, crawls home with one thought: turn off the phone, insert earplugs and have a good sleep well.

And the next day he gets up, packs his suitcase and leaves for a six-month shooting in Haiti / on a world tour, and you know that he will be surrounded by star beauties and all the ready-made fans. Not everyone can stand it.

3. The muscular "auto mechanic" from the slash gallery

Painted with "machine oil", but with perfect skin and hair, impeccable manicure and without a single callus. A fantastic beast created especially for girls' dreams. Doesn't occur in real life.

4. Athlete or passionate admirer of healthy lifestyle

He has a gorgeous body, and the very idea of ​​how beneficially he will affect your habits, warms the soul. Here you get up with him on Saturday at five in the morning - and cheerfully, cheerfully for a run, and then - on a salad leaf with lemon juice for breakfast If you yourself are not from the same dough, then you have to admit: the maximum, how long you can withstand it, is half an hour. And then in dreams.

5. Cute alien

His name is Federico, Hans or John, he has a flawless smile of 32 teeth and a fabulous overseas life. ! " did not watch.

6. and any other flying bird

"We came to you for an hour - hello, bonjour, hello!" Such tales rarely have a happy ending, but dreaming is not harmful!

7. An old friend

with whom you have not communicated since school and suddenly suddenly found each other via the Internet. Wow, how he grew up, matured, got out into people, became a cool DJ or a noble combine operator. But he is already a different person, with whom you, quite possibly, do not even have the same memories.

8. A man who is so nice, well-groomed and tuned that it smacks of narcissism

You will see such a person in the movies and you will dream about him. If you meet in real life, you will think: "Darling, what movie did you escape from?"

9. The man who seemed ideal

but almost at the first meeting begins to talk about sex, and even share non-standard sexual fantasies. If you were close for a long time, you might have thought. But like that, from the bay-flounder, practically unfamiliar to the lady Fi, sir, what a vulgarity.

10. The cool dude you would fall in love with when you were young

Where was this handsome biker with gorgeous hair and piercings in every imaginable and unthinkable place when you were in grade ten? Then you would be crazy about him. And now you feel, communicating with him, like the grown-up Wendy with Peter Pan.

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