Communication With An Ex-boyfriend: What Else Do Women Hide From Men

Communication With An Ex-boyfriend: What Else Do Women Hide From Men
Communication With An Ex-boyfriend: What Else Do Women Hide From Men

Video: Communication With An Ex-boyfriend: What Else Do Women Hide From Men

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After extensive research, British sociologists have come to the conclusion that every woman has at least three secrets from her regular partner.


As scientists have established, for the most part, women leave behind the doors "closed" from their men, most of the procedures that they resort to to maintain their beauty. Thus, about 10 percent of the women surveyed said that they never admit to their partner that they remove hair from their face and toes. In addition, at least six percent do not admit that they do not like their mother-in-law, and another four are hiding communication with their ex.

- To begin with, it is worth noting that absolute openness with your partner is a kind of utopia. As you know, a person cannot be completely frank even with himself, what to say about others. And here it is necessary to distinguish between two types of lies. There is a lie as a fantasy, when a person creates a certain image for himself and other people, but there is, of course, a conscious lie. And in our case it is socially desirable. There are certain norms in society that we strive to comply with, and there are very few of those who are ready to go against them,”sexologist and psychoanalyst Evgenia Zotkina told VM. - And let's not divide here by gender, because both men and women sin in such lies to a relatively equal extent. But, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that. This is not a terrible lie, but rather something that can be safely silenced. Agree that if we constantly told each other the whole truth in person, it would be almost impossible to build strong relationships.

The sexologist noted that maintaining this status quo suggests that, in the first place, he wants to be socially desirable. A person is not ready to accept himself as he is, and even more so - to demonstrate "real" himself to others. Only extremely confident people are able to speak directly about themselves and others.

It is worth noting that such a lie helps us to more reliably gain a foothold in a relationship. It assumes that the image being created is much more sympathetic and desirable for the partner, and how much the subject is mistaken, we cannot say for sure.

- Of course, people lied, lie and will continue to lie, - noted Evgenia Zotkina.

In turn, psychologist, expert in the field of relations between men and women Kirill Gusev noted that if something is hiding, it means that for the hiding person it has a special meaning.

- Nobody hides minor details. Therefore, they usually hide from the partner what can lower the value in his eyes, '' the psychologist explained. - In my experience, failures in previous relationships and conflicts with parents are most often hidden. And then there are various unreasonable spending and everything related to money.

At the same time, Kirill Gusev noted that women and men perceive such small secrets differently. For the ladies, this is precisely a secret - they are very worried about it and therefore do not dare to open up. In turn, the strong half of humanity simply does not see significance in the "hidden" information. Either it is important or it is not and is not even worth mentioning.

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