Poet Vera Polozkova Is Pregnant

Poet Vera Polozkova Is Pregnant
Poet Vera Polozkova Is Pregnant

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Vera Polozkova arranged a real surprise for her fans by announcing her pregnancy at the end of the term. The poet posted footage from a new photo shoot from Gokarna, India on social media, writing:

“Thirty weeks. Thank you, Alexander Bagantsev, for the photos."

Vera Polozkova in a photo shoot from India

Romantic frame from Vera Polozkova's Indian photo shoot

Vera Polozkova with her oldest child

Vera's husband took really very romantic beautiful pictures, capturing an important moment for their family - Vera's second pregnancy. The couple are already raising one child. The couple's firstborn was born on December 29, 2014, almost five months after the wedding, which took place thanks to a fabulous coincidence. Two weeks before the wedding, the poet could not even imagine that she would soon get married, but the correspondence with a friend from India changed the situation.

“On one of the last days of July, I corresponded on the Internet with my friend from India, who is engaged in spiritual practices, and when he saw a photo of my palm, he said:“You need to get married urgently, the most favorable date is August 9,”she said. Vera.

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