Oleg Roy: "Opposites Attract, But These Can Only Be Vivid Novels, Not Stories For A Lifetime"

Oleg Roy: "Opposites Attract, But These Can Only Be Vivid Novels, Not Stories For A Lifetime"
Oleg Roy: "Opposites Attract, But These Can Only Be Vivid Novels, Not Stories For A Lifetime"

Video: Oleg Roy: "Opposites Attract, But These Can Only Be Vivid Novels, Not Stories For A Lifetime"

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He is one of the most popular writers of our time, laureate of literary awards, screenwriter, public figure, handsome man, devoted father and the dream of hundreds of women. Despite his demand, Oleg Roy manages to do charity work, believing that everyone who needs help should receive it. Quite recently, the Eksmo publishing house published a new novel by the master of modern prose - The Hero of Her Novel, where the bright characters of the main characters, almost mystical plot twists, romantic confessions and an unexpected ending are surprisingly combined. We decided to find out how Oleg Roy himself relates to romance, whether it is present in his life and what advice he can give to those ladies who have not yet met worthy men.


What is romance through the eyes of men?

As the word "meat" is perceived by a hunter and a vegetarian in different ways, so in the word "romance" everyone puts their own concept. If for women it is often a standard set: dinner in a restaurant, preferably by candlelight; beautiful words, preferably in rhyme; a walk in the city at night, preferably in a Porsche; night in rose petals scattered on the bed of a luxurious hotel, then for a man the game is not always worth the candles lit in the restaurant hall. Not everyone can speak beautiful words, for some it is like taking an eloquence exam. And the one who knows how, more often than not, will not budge beyond these words. And if you watch all the iconic films about love, then the couples who met during a dangerous situation, and not in a restaurant, are much stronger and happier. People are united by events.

Romance is a dream, a fantasy, the ability to feel each other and inspire. In my opinion, in our high-speed age, very soon romantic people, as a rare species, will be included in the Red Book. It is easier for modern women to get to the distant kingdom-state and hear how the epic hero plays the strings on the magic psaltery than to find a man - a kind of hero of our time: real, free, romantic and financially secure. It's another matter that the girls are different, you read a sonnet of Shakespeare or Petrarch on the first date, and get knocked out in the first round, because what was previously considered romantic is now perceived as stupid and meaningless. Now is the time of independent people. Coaches around the world teach first of all to love oneself - and many perceive this literally, that is, they do not notice anyone around but themselves. But nevertheless, nature cannot be fooled.

Men also want emotions - bright and unforgettable. But masculine romance lies beyond all these staged scenes. One must conquer the top of the mountain together with his beloved to feel the beauty and novelty of feelings; another - to escape from civilization, pitch a tent in the forest, sit in the open air, gaze at the stars, sing songs with a guitar and fry potatoes over a fire; the third one dreams of making a parachute jump; and the fourth sleeps and sees how one day he and his beloved will rush on a motorcycle through the city at night. Travel and adventure - this is what for many men is a symbol of romance. And, if for women a romantic period is often similar to slow-motion shooting in a beautiful film, then for normal men it is more often speed and drive, a rhythm in which he should feel whether this woman suits him or not.

Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, we can all play along. A man can pretend to be the perfect prince in a suit, with a bouquet of red roses.A woman, in order to please, can go fishing with him and sit in thought: "Why do I need all this?" - on the shore of some kind of reservoir. But we're talking about romance when both are caught up in this wave of emotion. And here we must remember some of the nuances. Sometimes what seems romantic to a man causes a lot of stress in a woman. For example, men think for a long time, but do it quickly - and so, he bought two plane tickets, took his beloved girl by the hand, secretly brought her to the airport and confronted the fact: "Let's fly, honey" This act seems extremely romantic to him. I have one friend who decided to express his feelings in this way. And it cost him many thousands of spent money and nerves, because if for a man romance is often the final station, action and deed, then for a woman it is the way. Before going with her darling to the end of the world, she needs to lose a couple of kilograms, buy a new dress, undergo a massage course and still solve many purely female problems.

Male romance is, of course, sex, and it's better on a steep cliff. But, again, for a man, this night may just mean the dark time of the day, and for a woman, a bright future. Therefore, no matter how we romanticize feelings, the main thing is to look in one direction and not be afraid to talk to each other. Look for common points of contact.

And one more important point. Romance through the eyes of a man is sometimes hidden in short-term loneliness. Women, of course, find it difficult to understand how it is possible to sit fishing for a couple of hours or walk alone in a park or forest. But we need these periods. In them we restore our strength and understand our feelings. From the ancient Greek language, the word "love" means "desire". Perhaps this is the only feeling that can simultaneously make a person the happiest in the world and the most unhappy in the whole world. Regardless of the character and attitude, status and lifestyle, we are warmed by memories. Sometimes what seems to us ordinary, over time, begins to be perceived as romantic. It's just that everything that has been lived in love takes on a special meaning. It doesn't matter what you do: drink tea and cake on a winter evening or go to your favorite cafe for breakfast; decorating the house for the New Year, or throwing everything aside and playing a Christmas movie and, hugging, laugh at a scene that you have watched several times before. But, when you two, this scene now looks somehow different With two pairs of eyes. All these moments become your personal, innermost feelings. And the most interesting thing is that a winter evening in warm embrace can become more precious than many days spent in a successful but lonely life.

Tips for women who can't find decent men

Stop looking

Let go of your desire for a while and take care of yourself. Unleash your potential, reach heights in work, go on a journey, fulfill some dream from childhood and learn to be happy. Happy of her own accord.

Keep looking

I deliberately combine these two contrasts - letting go, but continuing to believe. A person is inclined to go to extremes: either - a point, or - an eternal ellipsis. You can never despair. There are more than seven billion people in the world - there is no doubt that among them there is a person who is close to you in spirit, in character, in outlook on the world. I am still inclined to believe that opposites attract for a short time. These can be vivid novels, but not stories for life.

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