Ksenia Borodina: "Dom-2" Turned My Life Upside Down

Ksenia Borodina: "Dom-2" Turned My Life Upside Down
Ksenia Borodina: "Dom-2" Turned My Life Upside Down

Video: Ksenia Borodina: "Dom-2" Turned My Life Upside Down

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Dom-2 has been on the air for 13 years, and Ksyusha has been there since the very first day. The show participants and viewers love her and affectionately call her Borodulya, and she divides her life into "before" and "after" the project and manages to combine her career and family. Ksenia told PEOPLETALK about her husband, star fever and family.


Dom-2 changed my life completely. I became a popular presenter, I started making good money myself. Yes, I was born in a fairly wealthy family (after a divorce from my father, my mother married an architect from Italy, and we moved to live on the island of Capri) and spent all my childhood traveling, but here is another story - I myself began to manage my money " …

Star fever … bypassed me, I can honestly say that. Before my eyes, in front of friends, he rips off their heads after they become popular, I see how such a transformation is taking place. I even asked my friends: has this happened to me? All in one voice said to me - no. Friends, relatives, and even viewers tell me about this: "We are so glad that you do not bring publicity into your private life and remain as you are." Indeed, I do not have guards, I do not ask the rider to furnish my room with white roses, I do not have a thousand PR people. I go to stores, buy groceries, stand in line just like everyone else. I don’t want my public life to affect ordinary life. As soon as I finish shooting, I am an ordinary person: mom, wife, girlfriend, cool friend and good conversationalist.

I get tired of "House-2". Anyone, one way or another, gets tired of their work. This is normal. But I can't say that I would like to get up and leave now. I like my job, I am a presenter on a federal channel, on one of the highest rated projects: why should I complain about life? Everything suits me.

I have a lot of haters. I am the third most popular blogger in Russia. In the first place - Olya Buzova, in the second - Timati. I think that if people read me and are interested in my life, it's very cool. But they write to me and a lot of negativity. Everyone says that you have to come to terms. "You are a public person, you had to get used to it." It is easy only in words, but in reality it is quite difficult. The most painful thing that you can inject me with is my children or loved ones. Sometimes I can not even restrain myself and respond to such comments, which is what became famous on Instagram. They say to me: you are a star, be higher. What does this have to do with it? I am a living person. Wanted - answered, did not want - did not answer. Again, people are interested in live communication. Many stars ignore their followers, do not answer them. Well done, what else can I say? This means that their readers are not as close to them as mine is to me. I believe that sometimes people should be put in their place. You let it pass, you don’t touch it, then once, one hung on the wall of shame - and it’s not like it’s another. Everyone can yapping from under the floor, but when they really hang you on the wall of shame, that's another matter. If I see something nasty, then it's easier for me so that the person does not irritate himself and does not annoy me. I give him the right not to visit my page and block him.

Privacy and publicity are incompatible things. In my position, it is almost impossible to remain like Alsou, about whose personal life no one knows anything. Therefore, I, as much as possible, now try to protect my family. Everything is calm and good in my family, and if, God forbid, what happens, I will try to hide it as best I can. I only show what I can show. For example, I showed the face of my youngest daughter Thea when I saw fit. But a lot of magazines tried to buy a photo. I didn’t sell my child’s face: it’s blasphemy. But when I was in a good mood, we sat down with my family and decided that today is a good day - Marusya's birthday.Why not make a gift to your subscribers on this day and show Teika, who congratulated her sister on her birthday? Now, on the contrary, I condemn those people who are so eagerly trying to get PR at the expense of their personal lives. If you ask my advice, I am opposed to making my personal life public.

The press, thank God, has now left me alone. I'm probably not very interested in them. And great: it's a huge stress. This really leaves a mark on you, because if a public person stumbles, they will always remember this. And they will talk about good things for two weeks and forget. But if you ever stumbled, they will talk about it until the end of your days. I chose a different path. I don't want any more scandals around my family. I'd rather show my good family, my emotional moments in life, share joy and good news - this is what the people also like, albeit not in such quantities.

My husband is a great fellow, because it's still hard enough to live with a public person. He is patient in this regard: Kurban does not meddle in my work. Never ever. If I want some advice, then I calmly ask. Recently, our relationship has changed a lot: we have become friends. There is a relationship between a dad and a daughter, there is when a woman is the head of the family, and a man is under her, but there is friendship. We chose the third one, it suits us best. We have no one in charge, do you understand? It's cool that we advise, that he asks me for advice on work, and I from him - we learned to talk. Of course, we, like all normal people, swear, everything happens, but we have learned to somehow react more calmly to each other. Probably, we have gone through this grinding-in period and have now calmed down. We can, of course, shout, and slam doors, and turn our priests in bed. Most of all, Teika smoothes out our conflict, she runs into our room and begins to say something to both me and him, begins to bring us closer. Now we have become adults in marriage and we do everything consciously. After all that we have experienced, we realized that we have something to lose, and this is the most important thing. Kurban and I decided not to comment on that situation in any way (last year Ksenia and Kurban almost parted ways - the TV presenter accused her husband of treason. - Ed.).

Unfortunately, I do not see as many of my children as I would like. But today, for example, I managed to get up a little earlier. I love the morning at home! How it goes: I brush my teeth, Teika comes, then Omar and Marusya, and we turn on the music and start dancing. This has already become a tradition. Every day, Thea brings out something new. This makes it very difficult to leave the house, especially in the morning. The girls sit and say: Mom, today we want to go to "Despicable Me - 3". I would really like to, you know? I don't give a damn about everything, undress, put on a tracksuit, jump in the car and go with them to Despicable Me, but I can't, I have to go to work. I promised that today, when I return at eight or nine in the evening, we will definitely go. I always keep all my promises. I’ll break into a cake, but I’ll do it. Children remember everything.

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