The Professor Gave A Lecture At CERN On The Dominance Of Women Scientists. After All, Physics Was Invented By Men

The Professor Gave A Lecture At CERN On The Dominance Of Women Scientists. After All, Physics Was Invented By Men
The Professor Gave A Lecture At CERN On The Dominance Of Women Scientists. After All, Physics Was Invented By Men

Video: The Professor Gave A Lecture At CERN On The Dominance Of Women Scientists. After All, Physics Was Invented By Men

Video: Physics Colloquium - Rolf Heuer (CERN) - AO Williams Lecture 2022, December

Professor of the University of Pisa Alessandro Strumia spoke about gender issues in the scientific community. He said that physics was invented and built by men and that "they are not invited to join it."


At a seminar of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), the scientist announced some preferences for women in physics. They are supposedly more often than men taken to positions that by right should have gone to men. Moreover, the professor is sure that men are discriminated against.

When Strumia spoke about gender inconsistency, he referred to studies that prove that men are more like working with things, and women - with people. And this is noticeable already in childhood.

He showed other works that "proved" the absence of discrimination against women. According to Strumia, it is men who are more often infringed upon, and the blame for everything is political motives. Inequality in science for him is "part of the political struggle coming from the outside."

Experimental physicist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Aleksandrov, in a conversation with 360, admitted that traditionally men are engaged in physics. Women spend most of their time giving birth and raising children. Despite this, the interlocutor knows many literate women physicists who have reached heights in science. “Of course, less than men,” he said.

In my opinion, there is equality in physics. In general, there is much more equality in science than in non-scientific fields.

Evgeny Alexandrov Scientist RAS.

Sexist physics

Many scholars found Strumia's statements offensive. The physicist himself is sure that he presented only facts. However, the European Organization for Nuclear Research stopped cooperating with the professor and began an investigation against him.

Photo source: Pixabay

“People say physics is sexist, physics is racist. I did some simple checks, found out that she was not, that she was sexist towards men, and just said so,”Strumia told the BBC.

He also found examples. Once he was not hired, preferring a woman, although he considers himself more qualified for the proposed position.

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and Vice-Rector of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Tagir Aushev believes that physics cannot be called a sexist science. “There are bad scientists and there are good ones,” he told 360.

If there are preferences in employment for women, then they are tacit, Aushev said. In any case, unqualified scientists are not hired. Moreover, the percentage of successful women in physics is growing from year to year, despite the fact that there are historically more men in this field.

Children knock them (women - ed.) Out of their careers, and this must be taken into account, and preferences should be given to them in this regard. Otherwise, they are as professional as men.

Tagir Aushev, Vice-Rector of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Gender equality in Russia

In 2016, the Levada Center conducted a study, as a result of which experts tried to find out how Russians feel about gender equality in life and at work. The representatives of the center conducted their research using a survey. An equal number of men and women were asked a variety of questions: from a favorite holiday to the importance of equality in the family.

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The results were somewhat unusual, according to representatives of the center. When asked whether women should occupy top government posts along with men, only 50% of men answered positively. 78% of women also voted in favor.However, the idea of ​​seeing a woman president in the near future was appreciated by few. Among women there were 44% of applicants, and among men only 22%. The participation of women in politics was approved by 66% of men and 86% of women.

According to representatives of the Levada Center, the results indicate the desire of men and women to maintain gender asymmetry. Moreover, having analyzed all the positions of the survey, the experts came to the conclusion that career is secondary for women. Family values ​​come first. However, relying on the results of the study, we can say that women are confident that there is no gender equality in Russia.

A similar opinion was expressed by the head of the Moscow branch of the interregional public organization for the protection of the rights of women and children "Assol" Irina Kirkora. She is sure that under the same conditions, preference will be given to a man, and his wages may even be higher. If we talk about science, then "there are only men on the pedestal."

“In the labor market, men are most often hired for high-paying managerial jobs. The motivation is the simplest - he will not sit with the child when there is a responsible project, and the child is sick. For us, accusations of sexism against men are surprising, "Kirkora told 360.

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