20 Wonderful Life-affirming Quotes From Gabriel García Márquez

20 Wonderful Life-affirming Quotes From Gabriel García Márquez
20 Wonderful Life-affirming Quotes From Gabriel García Márquez

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Gabriel García Márquez is a Colombian prose writer, journalist, publisher and politician. Representative of the magical realism movement and laureate of the Neustadt Literary Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature.


His works, like his whole life, were shrouded in myths and riddles. For this I want to reread them again and again - they are so full of life and love.

1. If you meet your true love, then it will not go anywhere from you - not in a week, not in a month, not in a year.

2. In family life, it is much easier to avoid catastrophes than from annoying little trifles. 3. Age is not how old you are, but how you feel about them.

4. If a woman is involved in something, I know that everything will be fine. It's clear to me that women rule the world.

5. At the dinner table, you can love as much as in bed.

6. Life is not the days that have passed, but those that are remembered.

7. Every thing is alive. You just need to be able to awaken her soul. 8. You need to listen to the voice of the child that you were once and that exists somewhere else inside you. If we listen to the child within us, our eyes will regain their sparkle. If we do not lose our connection with this child, our connection with life will not be severed.

9. Don't make so much effort, all the best things happen unexpectedly.

10. I don’t wear a hat so that I don’t take it off in front of anyone.

11. A prosperous old age is the ability to come to terms with your loneliness.

12. Be able to appreciate the one who cannot live without you, and do not chase after the one who is happy without you.

13. Happiness easily obtained cannot last long. 14. Perhaps God wants us to meet the wrong people before we meet that one person. So that when this happens, we will be grateful.

15. The main thing in the life of society is to be able to cope with fear, the main thing in the life of spouses is to be able to cope with boredom.

16. The only way to live on is not to let the memories torment you.

17. There is no medicine that can cure what can cure happiness. 18. Smile, do not give pleasure to trouble.

19. It is impossible to love and then feel nothing. Either you were lying then, or you are lying now.

20. Don't let yourself die without experiencing this miracle - sleeping with the one you love.

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