Warning: A Selection Of Things That Are Killing Valentine's Day

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Warning: A Selection Of Things That Are Killing Valentine's Day
Warning: A Selection Of Things That Are Killing Valentine's Day

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The romantic mood is in the air - February 14 is close! The gifts are ready and the plans are in place. But be careful! Don't make mistakes that can ruin everything. We offer a selection of the most common circumstances and things that can easily nullify all your efforts.


Everything should be perfect

You came up with everything, planned everything and in your head already played the scenario of the ideal February 14th a thousand times. But suddenly everything did not go according to plan: he was late for a date, gave not what you wanted. Yes, somehow it doesn't look like what you imagined. Therefore, there is no need for illusions. Just surrender to the process and enjoy. After all, the most important thing is that you spend this romantic day together. Lady hints If you want something from your beloved for this holiday, do not think that he will understand your, as you think, obvious hints. Or he can magically read minds. No, let's be honest, it won't. If you want something, discuss it with him. Tell us about your wishes and ideas. And by the way, don't forget to ask about his preferences. After all, this is your day, not just yours.

Male protest

Not all people celebrate February 14th. It may turn out that your partner is not a fan of this holiday. Many men do not take him seriously at all and feel protest when they are expected to give bouquets and praises from them. Ask him what he thinks about this holiday. Explain to him what this means to you. And do not be offended if your opinions do not coincide. Agree, a romantic day with pleasant surprises for each other can be arranged without a reason.

Old and boring

Valentines, hearts, chocolate are banal and unimpressive gifts. Another thing is new emotions and vivid impressions. Go to sex training, give yourself and him something new in erotic sensations. Arrange beauty: dance in new lingerie or something that you have long wanted to translate into sex. An ideal option is an erotic massage: candles, exciting smells and, of course, exotic.


Perhaps the option “a couple with champagne who talks about feelings all evening” is not for you. Maybe the most romantic scenario for your couple is to lie in the snow, go to a clay sculpting class, meet up with friends, or even lie at home all day watching movies. Agree, there is nothing more romantic than the desire of two different people to do something that will really delight both of them. And if you succeed, then this will be the best scenario for Valentine's Day.

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