Why Men Don't Marry Beautiful

Why Men Don't Marry Beautiful
Why Men Don't Marry Beautiful

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Beautiful bright women in the Middle Ages were burned at the stake. Perhaps that is why men are still afraid of them like fire. With dazzling representatives of the fair sex, it is often only sex, flirting and a pleasant pastime, while with less catchy girls - marriage, children, living together and the general hardships of family life.

A similar stereotype was promoted even by the cinema. For example, the main character of the film "Girls", a local womanizer Ilya, preferred the nondescript Tosya Kislitsina to the fatal beauty Anfisa, whom he later married. “All of you, women, about us, men, you understand, but you don’t know one thing - why we love some and marry others,” said the hero of Alexander Mikhailov in the film “Men”. In this "mystery of nature" Dni.ru sorted out together with blogger and father of five children Andrey Kleverin.

The expert explains such a strangeness of male choice by the fact that, consciously or unconsciously, most men divide girls into two categories. “The first is women with whom it is interesting to spend time, have fun and are easy to have sexual relations with. As a rule, they are not considered as life companions. The second category is girls who are serious, self-sufficient, of a strict disposition. Such women are more often perceived as potential wives. Having achieved reciprocity from such a woman, the man has the feeling that he has received a valuable trophy, "- says the blogger. However, the current sexual freedom in modern society often makes it difficult to warm up male interest in his chosen one, and therefore increase the likelihood of a serious relationship.


Shot from the film "Girls"

According to modern psychologists, any man wants a quick victory. However, if the catch is too easy, few of them will think about the prospect of a serious relationship. Whereas in case of refusal, the representative of the stronger sex will see in front of him a woman who knows her own worth, who is not afraid to lose his attention. In this case, the man will be interested in the continuation. "Despite the fact that in the 21st century nothing has changed radically. We have a sporting interest, a hunter's instinct. A man will appreciate a woman he has been striving for for a long time. Perception of her as worthy will warm up his instinct for a conqueror and a triumph of a winner," - the expert notes. In a word, male behavior, whatever one may say, is ruled by remnants of the past.

Only now men, especially those who are unsure of themselves, are cautious and hide their point of view. Many are simply ashamed to broadcast it publicly, as it may seem out of date. Subsequently, for some women, this turn becomes very unexpected. Especially when completely sudden revelations emerge in marriage. For example, a slender brunette wife with a modest bust, having lived with her husband for some time, suddenly finds out that he passionately likes busty blondes, who, by the way, often become long-term lovers. As a result, everyone involved in this drama suffers. Whatever one may say, nature cannot be fooled.

The explanation for the strangeness of male behavior in choosing a nondescript life companion or a bright partner for a while lies in low self-esteem, says Andrei Kleverin. "It is easy to find contact with a sensual, beautiful, sociable and free girl. But when she becomes a spouse, anyone who approaches her becomes a potential rival. Some men, knowing their nature and realizing that this will constantly annoy them, prefer to choose women who are more modest and more inconspicuous, "the blogger notes. Thus, men simply take care of their own nervous system.

They say that modesty adorns a woman when she has no other adornments.Of course, this does not apply to frivolous beauties. Nature has generously endowed them with a bright appearance and hot temperament. As a rule, they have no end to their suitors and ardent admirers. However, oddly enough, many representatives of this caste suffer from loneliness, as men prefer to have fun with them, and to build a family with their unsightly and unattractive girlfriends. It is important to make a choice and understand that the priority is to sell your beauty at a higher price or to find long-term family happiness. Sometimes they are not the same thing. And it does not necessarily become a gray mouse. It is enough to know your own worth and wisely dispose of your own boundaries.

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