Why Do Men Love Some And Marry Others

Why Do Men Love Some And Marry Others
Why Do Men Love Some And Marry Others

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“That's all you women know about us men. You just don't know one thing: why we love some and marry others,”says the hero of Alexandra Mikhailova in the finale of the old Soviet film“Guys!”. And he said it right. With rare exceptions, this is how it happens - men love some, but they take completely different wives. Why? We urgently find out.


Women love with ears, and men with eyes Truth is as old as the world. For the sake of spectacular women, men kindled wars, killed rivals in a duel and did madness. But they preferred to take the faithful Penelope as wives, who are waiting at home at the table with a delicious dinner and look at them with admiring eyes. A woman's appearance plays a huge role in a man's sexual choice. But it is one thing to love and completely another to connect your life with a beauty, as they say, forever and ever. If a man is ripe for marriage, he will look for a life partner not only with his eyes, but also with all other senses. He will begin to listen to the woman in order to understand how she thinks and what exactly she says. A clever man, realizing that he does not have a common puzzle of what he sees and what he hears, just goes on. Why marry someone who is just a pretty picture? So it turns out that men love dazzlingly beautiful, and marry good ones.

A woman should not be at least something better than a man. The weaker sex for many centuries was forced to endure, to put it mildly, not the most pleasant treatment from men. In many countries, it is only recently that women have gained the right to vote and become educated. We have won equality, but sometimes it is difficult to argue against Mother Nature.

Strong men choose weak women. They don't want to compete at home.

They want peace and adoration. Yes, a bright woman beckons, she delights, finally inspires, but does not cause a desire to marry. When choosing a wife, a man thinks about the balance of power in the family. And often the one who gives up leadership will win. So, the wife, according to many, men should be a little less bright than himself. Simply put, she should be a little worse than her husband, so that he could be proud of her, but did not see her as a rival.

Less makeup and more modest Psychologists believe that women make mistakes because of banal self-deception. Not knowing male psychology, they strive to impress their chosen one by not at all what they should. As a result, they get the opposite effect and remain smart and beautiful, but all alone, wondering what he lacked, the scoundrel. Let us explain. The world imposes on women a cloud of stereotypes about ideality. Here everyone did their best: magazines, movies / TV series, and even classical literature. It is thanks to this massive information attack that every woman dreams of looking perfect. Fashionable, slim and beautiful. Hence the bright makeup, and sophisticated styling, and expensive clothes. But the trick is that men won't even notice at best. And we, in all honesty, usually dress up for each other, not for them. It is enough to ask any of them to understand that all these mini-skirts, louboutins, pumped lips and extended eyelashes do not attract, but, on the contrary, scare them away.

Men are frankly afraid of such bright beauties, because against their background they may look less significant. Pale and uninteresting.

In addition, such ladies evoke thoughts of the constant need to achieve them or to catch lovers in the closets. Just do not rush from one extreme to another. Nobody says to stop grooming and wearing stretched T-shirts. It's just that everything needs a measure. Natural beauty has always been worth its weight in gold. In the end, do you want to get married or not?

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