Will He Drown And Quit? Well-known Psychologist Anetta Orlova - On How To Understand If A Man Is Just Relaxing With You Or Is It Serious And For A Long Time

Will He Drown And Quit? Well-known Psychologist Anetta Orlova - On How To Understand If A Man Is Just Relaxing With You Or Is It Serious And For A Long Time
Will He Drown And Quit? Well-known Psychologist Anetta Orlova - On How To Understand If A Man Is Just Relaxing With You Or Is It Serious And For A Long Time

Video: Will He Drown And Quit? Well-known Psychologist Anetta Orlova - On How To Understand If A Man Is Just Relaxing With You Or Is It Serious And For A Long Time

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There are not so many women who treat the stamp in the passport neutrally as there are men. And even at the first dates and meetings, a woman, as it were, involuntarily "thinks" whether the man's intentions are serious or is he just having fun, spending time with pleasure? Psychologist, candidate of sociological sciences, specialist in conflict management and emotional intelligence Anetta Orlova shared with Eva.Ru the signs by which one can determine the seriousness of a man's intentions.


A woman immediately introduces her chosen one at home, simulates various family situations. There is nothing unusual in such thoughts. Natural instinct works here. After all, a woman from time immemorial has been waiting for her "breadwinner": that very strong man who will take responsibility for her and future children. In the era of technology, life has become faster. We are unwittingly accelerating in everything. In training, career development and even building relationships. So, I want to evaluate the seriousness of a man's intentions quickly, so as not to waste time.


He avoids joint perspectives in conversation If in the husband's speech there is only conversation about the present tense, but not a word about the future, then this is an alarming signal. That is, he does not talk about his plans for the coming months. At the same time, he does not think about future plans together with you. Communication is initiated only by him, he appears and then disappears. If a man periodically disappears, appearing only on weekends or vacations, then this also indicates a frivolous attitude. It doesn't matter how splendid those "three happy days" were. This approach only indicates that the man is resting with you, but does not let him into his usual way of life. You are dessert. And he invests in his pleasure. He does not invest his resource in you. If a man does not want to help in solving pressing issues related to apartment renovation, car maintenance and other purely household matters, then this is a negative moment. He doesn't want to invest, he translates the topic. In a word, he is greedy. This is not a sign of seriousness of intentions. He does not explore your world and does not try to get closer to him If a man is not interested in your environment, does not ask any questions at all about your family, friends, and always prefers to communicate on light topics about TV shows, movies and football, then this does not mean him serious attitude. He does not want to delve into your life, just as he does not want to let you into his life, to acquaint you with friends, to invite you to family dinners. Worth pondering

Favorable signals

A man invests and "spends himself" In this case, it is not only about money and gifts. It's more about the emotional aspects. He is ready to listen carefully, empathize, take into account the point of view of his beloved. In other words, this is how he achieves the location of his soul mate. This mechanism also worked in ancient times. The man brought the booty not only to show how brave and successful he was, but also to win him over. A man not only listens, but also solves problems. Any help that comes from a man in the form of support and care is a signal of the seriousness of his intentions. Taking it upon yourself to organize a vacation, arrange for your car to be repaired, and find an excellent veterinarian for your dog are all very significant steps. A man wants sex, but is ready to wait There is nothing unnatural in the desire to get close on the first date. This is the norm of male nature. And do not sulk, winding yourself up about the fact that they literally want to drag you into bed.Here we can also talk about the most ancient associations and instincts. For a man, a woman is the personification of the keeper of the hearth, and also a symbol of the priestess of love. That is, the fire should be supported by the woman comprehensively. If you are not ready for intimacy, then an adequate person will understand and accept this. A man wants everyone to know about you! If a man willingly introduces you to friends, parents, work colleagues, and also wants to learn more about your environment, then he is definitely not in the mood for a fleeting affair. As a rule, men are ready to "show" a girl only if they are confident in their choice "from" and "to".

A man tells you about his problems If you see how "flint" can relax emotionally with you, share problems and experiences, then this is a sure sign of a serious attitude towards you. Men, in principle, do not like to be vulnerable and show the slightest weakness. After all, "boys shouldn't cry." So, if you have become the person to whom the man entrusted his experiences, appreciate it. A year has passed, but he does not call for marriage. If a man has not made an offer in the first year of a relationship, he will not do it anymore. This is a wrong theory. Someone just needs more time to make a decision, someone has certain financial obligations and plans. Perhaps a man is driven by fears: unsuccessful marriage of parents, friends, and so on. So, do not give up on his determination if there is no proposal in the first year of the relationship.

"Well, get married!" It’s not necessary Indeed, for a man a stamp in a passport means less than for a woman. There is an old joke on this topic. When a man and a woman simply live together, without a marriage certificate, the woman, when asked if she is married, answers: "Yes." And the man, when asked whether he is married, answers: "No." In this sense, living in one apartment is not very useful for achieving the goal related to marriage, since a man may not understand why a marriage is needed at all: after all, you already live well. It is not worth hinting at the need to conclude a marriage in an explicit form, it is also not necessary to hint that all the friends are already married, and you are not. This can only scare away your chosen one. Better, on the contrary, to warm up his interest in you. For example, meeting friends, doing your favorite hobby. In other words, let him know that you have your own interests and territory for development. That is, a man should not have the feeling that you completely belong to him. Be wiser, lead to marriage smoothly, so that the man does not have a single doubt that this is a fully conscious decision.

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