How To Accept Your Body And Start Radiating Sexuality

How To Accept Your Body And Start Radiating Sexuality
How To Accept Your Body And Start Radiating Sexuality

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Psychologist Anetta Orlova told in detail how to awaken this feature in yourself.


Sexuality as eye color, gender and character is given to us from birth. Our expert will tell you in detail how to awaken this quality in yourself.

Sexuality is not a gift, but a feature of every woman, but for some, sexual energy helps to achieve success in any sphere of life, bathe in love, adoration and compliments, while for others it is hidden deep inside.

Sexuality does not depend on model parameters, nose shape, leg length and other beauty standards. This is the same magnetic energy that no one sees, but everyone feels. Surely, each of us felt it! She, like the cherry on the cake - gives tremendous confidence.

Sexual energy, in addition to reproductive functions, is also the basis for creative realization, self-development, achieving goals and fulfilling one's desires.

Sexuality as a Way to Enjoy Communication with the World Observe how charismatic, sensual women behave. Surely, you will notice: how harmonious they are with themselves, confident, relaxed and free. The magical light of the eyes, the timbre of the voice, the plasticity and grace of the movements fascinate from the first minutes. They do not need to prove anything to others, moreover, next to her, a man begins to feel more confident and omnipotent. We are given more sexual energy by nature, which is why it is so important to learn how to open it.

Sexuality is independent of age and the number of men conquering courses taken. This is work with your inner “I”: emotions, feelings, body and head.

What is blocking sexual energy? Upbringing and prohibitions in the family, when parents avoid talking about the human body, physiological processes and sex, conditioning it with something indecent and shameful. Children are forbidden to be friends with children of the opposite sex, they are frightened by the consequences of early relationships. But it is in childhood and adolescence that the foundation of self-esteem is laid, which will be the basis for life.

Lack of love and attention from parents, aggression or lack of an example of harmonious relationships between them. In such conditions, the child becomes constrained and unnatural. He does not form the correct model of relationships, he does not have a sense of self-worth and, growing up, he can make many mistakes.

Various complexes associated with feelings of guilt, shame, low self-esteem. A sexually squeezed person lives as if in half the resource, it is easy for him to be manipulated due to many fears.

Unsuccessful first sexual experience, coldness and rejection from the partner. In this case, we live in the past, instead of focusing on the present and not postponing our own happiness "for later".

How to awaken sexuality in yourself Sexuality is energy, which means you need to pay attention to internal attitudes, thinking, speech, body and behavior. But, quite material things can also help here.

Change Your Thinking Think about limiting attitudes, beliefs, and parenting messages from childhood. They might not have addressed you directly, but were perceived indirectly, for example: when my mother discussed with her friend the inappropriate behavior and defiant outfits of the neighbor.

Examples: “Good girls don't talk about sex,” “Modesty is a girl’s best adornment,” “Finish college first, then you’ll think about boys,” and so on.

Write down those beliefs, and for each negative, come up with a positive.

For example, the negative belief, "Modesty is a girl's best adornment."

Positive belief: "I accept my femininity, my sexuality, my desire, I like being a Woman and I am free to express my feelings."

If such beliefs interfere with self-acceptance, then it is worth working with an internal critic using the "reframing" technique - a technique for assessing an event from different angles, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. It works incredibly!

Stop fighting your inner self, listen to yourself and allow yourself to be. Write a list of your true desires, review current affairs and habits.

If you want to sleep and not wash the dishes after dinner - go and go to bed!

If you want a short haircut instead of the annoying bun on your head - more likely to the hairdresser!

If you want pole dancing - great!

I understand that sometimes it is quite difficult to understand yourself and your desires - in this case, the help of a specialist and an unbiased look from the outside will come in handy.

Follow your speech Start by recording yourself on a tape recorder or asking a loved one to comment on your speech.

Observe how you speak: how often you use negative words, with what intonation and speed you express your thoughts.

Work on the timbre of your voice - karaoke, singing, poetry, whatever your heart desires! With visual contact, facial expressions are also important, so I advise you to periodically train in front of a mirror - this way you will quickly find your corporate communication style.

Only speak well of yourself. Avoid dull expressions, catastrophic words: "horror, nightmare, everything is bad, go crazy" and so on.

Don't complain about life, even if you have something.

LOVE YOUR BODY We often think of the Body as an object for the expression of sexual energy:

we make you "sit" on diets and wear nice clothes, without understanding the state and mood. This is mistake!

It is important to learn to feel your body: from the trajectory of movements to the thoughts that come to mind with a particular movement. When the body and head are connected, the result is a deep body-oriented therapy. It sounds complicated, but it's actually very effective!

Listen to your breathing, straighten your spine, think about what your body has to do today. In short, try to get to know him again. Love your body and take care of it!

Fixation on the body is an opportunity to live in the moment “here and now”, without remembering the past and without wasting energy on a ghostly future.

Learn to Feel: Walk or do any other physical activity, dance to your favorite music, paint, sing, go for a relaxing massage, or take a warm bath with salt and aromatic oils. Excellent helpers in this matter are breathing practices or meditations.

Life hack: to wear nice and comfortable underwear. These simple techniques perfectly fill with sexual energy.

Look at yourself in the mirror with love and admiration Learn to take male attention and stay in touch, smile when they smile at you, accept compliments with gratitude and without devaluation. Be natural and relaxed. If there is some kind of blockage and tension inside, try to understand why this is happening.

Give your sexual energy with love, and let the world gratefully reciprocate you, filling your life with joy and positive emotions! I hug, your Anetta Orlova.

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