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Organizers of the first Global Women's Forum: in 2020, a woman achieves success without "playing a man"

On March 7, Minsk will host the Global Women's Forum for the first time. The organizers expect that the event will become a record number among the female audience and will bring together more than 3,000 participants: representatives of different professions and social statuses, women who are looking for a balance between career and family, women who want to develop harmoniously in all spheres of life.

The program of the forum includes speeches by experts representing different fields - business, relationships, psychology, beauty, which form the image of a harmonious successful woman.

According to the organizers, creators of the largest in Belarus forums “Business Awakening”, “A woman in 2020 achieves success without playing“at a man”and according to male rules. To succeed, she uses “feminine” strategies: inspires, engages, supports, remains flexible and feels with her heart. Today a woman achieves success in a delicate, feminine way. This idea forms the basis of the forum and will be revealed in the speeches of experts."

The headliner of the forum will be Irina Khakamada, business coach, public figure, politician. She will tell you how a woman can find a source of energy, how to combine family and career and enjoy it, how not to lose her own dignity, working for a large company, how to be effective while remaining free and happy.

For the first time in Minsk, Svetlana Kerimova, owner of the international network of development centers for women Women Insight, will perform in Minsk. Svetlana inspires millions of women around the world. At the forum, she will speak on the topic of female sexual energy, talk about daily rituals and what in no case should a woman do so as not to lose sexuality. The whole truth about men and raising children at the forum will be revealed by a psychologist, writer, TV presenter of Ukraine, Dmitry Karpachev. Among the Belarusian speakers at the forum will be the founder of the Women's Higher School, an international trainer, Svetlana Zere, who will share her knowledge of how a woman can find her destiny.

The organizers are still keeping the name of the fifth speaker of the Global Women's Forum a secret.

At the end of the event, there will be a panel discussion on the topic "Women in Business". Three Belarusian business women - Svetlana Siparova, owner of the Mark Formelle group of companies, Larisa Pekurova, owner of the EVACLINIC women's health clinics network, and Olga Tomina, a top make-up artist in Belarus, founder of the ANATOMIA makeup studio and school - will tell the forum participants how they built and develop business, how to find a balance between work and family, how to motivate yourself and gain self-confidence, how to make your dreams come true. The discussion was moderated by journalist and TV presenter Anastasia Barentseva.

The Global Women's Forum will take place on March 7 at the Minsk Sports Palace, on the eve of World Women's Day. The forum will be of interest to women of any age and employment, those who are just starting to build a career and business owners, mothers on maternity leave who want to be not only a mother, women who want to build a career without harming relationships and families, women who want to develop - in both professional and personal life. It is assumed that only women will participate in the forum, but this does not limit the participation of men who find the event interesting for themselves or will accompany their companion.

You can learn more about the event and register on the website There are four types of tickets available - Comfort, Gold, VIP, Platinum.

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