9 Female "sins". What Actions A Man Will Never Forgive His Chosen One

9 Female "sins". What Actions A Man Will Never Forgive His Chosen One
9 Female "sins". What Actions A Man Will Never Forgive His Chosen One

Video: 9 Female "sins". What Actions A Man Will Never Forgive His Chosen One

Video: 9 Female "sins". What Actions A Man Will Never Forgive His Chosen One
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Elena Kuznetsova, director of the Vladimir dating agency "Me and you", family psychologist, consultant on interpersonal relations, told about why the fairer sex will not be able to beg forgiveness from the chosen one.


According to a specialist, a lot depends on what type your man is. For example, womanizers are able to forgive even betrayal, because they themselves have a stigma in fluff, and therefore they are more forgiving of a woman. But the "house builder", on the contrary, can react very aggressively to betrayal, since the feeling of possessiveness will work.

“It is not necessary to equate everyone with the same brush, but a woman still needs to know the main aspects,” the psychologist stated.

1. Mismanagement and untidiness

This is the very first and main "sin" of a woman, for which men have no forgiveness. The fairer sex is charged with the ability to manage a household at least 3+. Also, a lady should be able to look after her man.

This is important for absolutely all representatives of the stronger sex, even if they do not talk about it.

“Not a single man can live long with a filthy person who cannot cook even basic things, with an egoist who does not care about her chosen one,” Kuznetsova warns.

2. Saw "Friendship"

Endless claims, tantrums, reproaches and aggression towards a man kill even the strongest feelings. So if you really want to scream, do it outside of your shared apartment. Well, or let off steam when the chosen one is not around.

3. Disrespectful attitude towards mom, friends and partner's hobbies

Making fun of your man's microcosm is unacceptable, from the manner of dressing to the way of life. Being derogatory towards your partner's hobbies, friends, and parents will ultimately be a disservice to your relationship and lead to a breakup. Inappropriate remarks about your mother are generally taboo, even if your loved one does not have a very good relationship with his mother. He may occasionally make sarcastic comments about his parent, but you shouldn't pick up on the topic. It is better to remain silent, otherwise a man may harbor a resentment, and your words will return to you like a boomerang.

4. Denial of intimacy

Avoiding sex with a partner, a woman digs a hole for herself, because if a man is denied, the desire still does not leave him. And when he does not receive affection from the one with whom he is in a relationship, he will definitely look for sex on the side. This is a law that has no exceptions.

5. Inappropriate reviews of a man as a lover

Allowing yourself harsh statements or criticism of the sexual abilities and capabilities of your man, you automatically become a "candidate for relegation." Any unflattering remark concerning the intimate sphere and the lover's "lower chakra" will be remembered by him. Do not be surprised if, after such statements, a man invites you to leave.

6. Unreasonable mercantilism

In the modern world, money rules the show, so partners cannot get away from "market relations", but everything should be in moderation. A woman should clearly understand the financial capabilities of her partner and not require him to get out of his skin in order to buy her a mink coat, moreover, so that the family sits on bread and water. Such a whim can go sideways for a lady. Moreover, women often do not know how to correlate opportunities and desires so much that men understand that business will not be limited to one mink coat. The partner will accumulate claims to the chosen one, which one day will result in a grandiose scandal.

7. Humiliation in public

This is a very painful moment for any man. Your quarrels and scandals should not be carried outside the threshold of the house, otherwise you hurt a man's pride, which he cannot forgive. Even if in public you accidentally allowed yourself too much and humiliated your partner, you need to quickly fix the situation. Don't say: "Oh, I'm sorry, I said something wrong." This will only attract unnecessary attention from even more people. It is better to wrap everything up in a joke, even if it is stupid and says that you have a bad sense of humor. As an option: “All the same, all the“babydurs”. It is written together."

9. Sex with a friend

If some men are able to forgive betrayal, then there is no betrayal with a friend. Moreover, the paradox is that it is the woman who will not receive forgiveness, and the “cuckold” will remain on friendly terms with a friend. Men in this case will be united by rivalry, passion for one woman: “I understand that you cannot but like my beauty, but I was the first to take possession of her” - this postulate will be felt when communicating with the stronger sex. But in relation to the woman who has changed, the verdict will be completely different and harsh: "The bitch will not want, the dog will not jump up."

If you have questions for psychologist Elena Kuznetsova, you can ask them by writing a letter to the email address of the editorial office of AiF-Vladimir: [email protected].