How To Combine A Successful Career And Personal Life

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How To Combine A Successful Career And Personal Life
How To Combine A Successful Career And Personal Life

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Kristina Zhegunova is sure: the correct title of this material should sound like this: "How to love and work", because love should always be the first, period.


We often say to ourselves “family is more important than any job, even the most beloved one”, but in reality sometimes it turns out that work begins to dominate, and this, to put it mildly, is not very good. Then problems emerge, for which we begin to blame the other half, although his actions are just a reaction to a long romance with work. What shouldn't you do?

Don't be the boss of the house

Whatever position you occupy, having a courier or a hundred of the best managers subordinate, no matter how nicely you communicate with them, a house is a house. Voice, manner of communication, attitude - everything should be different. It's weird asking your loved one to make breakfast in bed on a lazy Saturday morning and still have a deadline.

It seems even more inappropriate to write lists of household chores with the distribution of those responsible. If you know how to delegate correctly, this is very good (a rare skill even for a big boss), but it's still strange, lounging in a chair, to think that everything will happen by itself at home and in your personal life. In a woman's relationship, the most important role is to take care of the flower of love that has grown between you.

Don't be too independent

As Mikhail Labkovsky writes in his book "I Want and Will," "a man is not able to leave a woman who cannot live without him." Well, and, accordingly, vice versa. If you are successful, make friends with colleagues, you can afford anything you want, do not ask him for money, while not having a common budget, you admit boyfriends, then your man constantly asks himself the question: "Then why do you need me?" By the way, ask yourself the same. Are you ready for a serious relationship? And in general, what is relationship to you?

The image of an independent woman is not always a black pencil skirt, white blouse and thin-rimmed glasses, and “at home” does not mean in sweatpants, a crumpled T-shirt and with a bun on her head. A girl who can rely on her man is even more confident, calmer and happier than an independent one.

Do not be silent

“Why am I going to load him with my problems?”, “I’ll tell him about my cockroaches, and he will still laugh or discuss with friends”, “What if we are not together forever?”. Sometimes we are scared to tell something because we are afraid of backlash. But if this is your person who understands that there is something special between you, he will never do that. But if you do not share your innermost things with your man, then you are definitely not together for a long time - what is the point in discussing the weather, politics or the life of other people? If you are together, you are a team: so that your boat does not sink, you just need to ask each other for help.

Don't bring work home

They say that brain cells get used to what you do and where you do it. If, for example, you sat down to work on the sofa, where you usually scroll through Instagram or watch movies, then the work will be very hard. The brain, as it were, sends impulses: "The sofa is relaxation." Now imagine that you are used to staying with your laptop in bed, in the kitchen, and in the bathroom. In this case, your home is no longer a vacation, but just another office. This will definitely not lead to anything good, except perhaps to emotional exhaustion and broken relationships. Do you need it?

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