What Diseases Does A Woman Suffer If She Does Not Flirt?

What Diseases Does A Woman Suffer If She Does Not Flirt?
What Diseases Does A Woman Suffer If She Does Not Flirt?

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Back in the 19th century, the English writer Charlotte Brontë in one of her novels proclaimed: "Flirting is a compulsory occupation for every woman, in which she must constantly practice." Modern psychologists are ready to vote for this statement with both hands.


Thus, psychologist Elizaveta Levina considers the ability and desire to flirt to be an indicator of mental health. In her opinion, if a woman does it right, she is provided with self-confidence, a surge of strength, vigor, good mood, and a well-oiled hormonal balance. Flirting, a woman experiences the second, and the third, and any kind of youth.

At the moment of flirting, a woman releases hormones, including the hormone of happiness - endorphin. Such hormonal doping makes a woman self-confident, relieves her of lethargy and stress, says American psychologist Irene Smith.

Another American psychologist, Dr. Daniel Gilbert, considers flirting to be the most natural form of communication between a man and a woman. Without him, the lady is a representative of the weaker sex, but not beautiful. She can accumulate tension, fatigue, depression for years, which then turns into problems with the cardiovascular system. Flirting protects her from stress, raises self-esteem, makes her heart beat faster, which has a beneficial effect on her health.

However, flirting turns out to be useful not only in physiological terms. Thus, according to a poll by the Internet portal The Daily Mail and British scientists, a quarter of respondents use flirting to attract the attention of their superiors and move up the career ladder. At the same time, both psychologists and sociologists pay attention to the fact that it is completely unjustified to link flirting and sexual relations. According to a Washington Times poll, more than a third of Americans do not consider flirting to be cheating on their partner, unless, of course, its participants go too far, and more than 12.5 percent approve of their other half's flirting.

In the early 10s of this century, the Americans Jeffrey A. Hall and Chun Xing published the results of their research on this part of human relationships. In particular, they found that there are five types of flirting, including traditional, physical, frank, playful, polite. Of these, only outright flirting, directly hinting at sexual desire, pretends to relationships that go beyond the border of what is permissible. According to polls of scientists, on average 30 percent of men and women "fall for" such flirting. Playful flirting is slightly inferior to him (the name speaks for itself) - 25 percent. Traditional (a man should be the first to show signs of attention), physical (flirting strives to accidentally touch his hand, shoulder, etc.) and polite (a little more than usual signs of attention) - "collect" a much smaller percentage. It is also true that men, according to research by the University of Northern Illinois professor David Hannigsen, mostly perceive flirting as a harbinger of sexual relations, and women are often not ready to go beyond “getting to know the person better”. Scientists believe that for women, for the most part, flirting often serves as a tool to achieve a specific goal. Although the goal of "drag to bed" is also not excluded.

Psychologists recommend that women practice the art of flirting everywhere and everywhere. Such training, in their opinion, firstly, significantly increases a woman's self-esteem, makes her easier to communicate, and secondly, helps her become more self-confident, which often has a positive effect on career growth.It happens that flirting becomes a turning point in the fate of a person. However, psychologists say that in order for all this to happen, it is necessary first to get rid of such completely unnecessary qualities today as shyness, lack of communication, constant self-doubt. However, flirt and it will help you overcome yourself.

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