Australian Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, First Weddings Possible In Early

Australian Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, First Weddings Possible In Early
Australian Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, First Weddings Possible In Early

Video: Australian Parliament Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, First Weddings Possible In Early

Video: The moment Parliament said yes to same-sex marriage 2022, December

In Australia, the House of Representatives has supported a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. Australia becomes 26th country to allow same-sex marriage, Australian newspaper states


The Sydney Morning Herald

A week earlier, the bill was approved by the Senate, so both chambers of parliament were in favor of legalization. The first LGBTI couples will have the opportunity to get married at the start of the new year.

According to the Australian newspaper, couples can apply for marriage from December 9, which means that weddings will be possible from January 9, 2018.

reports that in parliament after the adoption of the law, politicians stood up, greeted the decision with applause. Many sang "I, you, we are Australians" and waved rainbow flags.

Done #SSM

- Linda Mottram (@LindaMottram) December 7, 2017

Australia's Governor General Peter Cosgrove could ratify the law within days to make same-sex marriage legal before Christmas, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had planned, then the law would go into effect on a government-set date or within 28 days.

Western Australian Senator Dean Smith, openly gay and liberal, congratulated all Australians on the occasion: "You voted for fairness, equality before the law and dignity for Australians in love and relationship building."

We did it, Australia! #marriageequality

- Dean Smith (@DeanSmithWA) December 7, 2017

South Australian Senator Sarah Hanson-Young of the Australian Green Party posed with the newly signed law.

Here's the actual #MarriageEquality Bill - passed, signed and delivered to the Senate just now! ???? ️ Congratulations Australia !!

- Sarah Hanson-Young ???? (@ sarahinthesen8) December 7, 2017

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull reports, called it "a great moment in our political history." “I am very proud that this happened when I was the head of the government, in which the Liberal and National parties are represented,” he said, adding that from the point of view of achievements in the field of human rights, this law is “invaluable”.

Malcolm Turnbull called it a "unifying" day. According to him, it is important that this happened 50 years after the 1967 referendum to amend the constitution, which allowed the adoption of special laws in the interests of the indigenous population and removed the provision that the number of Australian Aborigines was not taken into account in the distribution of seats in parliament, the distribution of funds and the adoption other solutions.

According to the survey, the data of which was


in November by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 61.6% approve of same-sex marriage in the country. A nationwide postal poll on legalizing same-sex marriage was a compromise between a referendum and a parliamentary vote. Participation in it was not compulsory (unlike plebiscites and votes), but the absolute majority of Australians expressed their opinion - almost 80%.

Initially, the government planned to resolve the issue of the expediency of legalizing same-sex marriage by holding a plebiscite. However, the Senate (upper house) of the federal parliament, where the ruling National Liberal Coalition lacks a majority, has twice rejected the bill.

The opposition Labor and Greens proposed to resolve this issue by a simple vote in parliament, which was strongly opposed by the ruling coalition. As a result, Turnbull announced a mail poll in September and November.

This week the Austrian Constitutional Court


same-sex marriage. Same-sex partnerships were legal in Austria, but couples were not allowed to marry. The court found the existing laws to be discriminatory.The decree will enter into force upon the expiration of December 31, 2018, the conclusion of same-sex marriages will become possible from January 1, 2019. The organization for the protection of gay rights welcomed the decision, but called for the preservation of registered partnerships as a modern alternative to marriage.

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