It's Too Late For Me: Stop Humiliating Yourself With Age

It's Too Late For Me: Stop Humiliating Yourself With Age
It's Too Late For Me: Stop Humiliating Yourself With Age

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"It's too late for me." How many times have I heard these words in my office. And not only in it. I heard from women. And never from men. “It's too late for me to study, how am I going to sit on the student bench at 35?”, “It's too late for me to think about love, fifty dollars on my nose”, “I'm dating a man 6 years younger than myself, but I'm not comfortable, what will they say people, I’m older than him”,“I cannot wear short skirts, they are no longer my age”.


Age. For some reason, we have three attitudes towards him in our society - "it's too late" or "too early" or age is carefully hidden. So that no one determines that it's early for you and that it's late.

For some reason, we do not have the concept of "on time" at all. Everything that happens to us is "in time" because it happens exactly when we are ready for it. To someone love comes along with the fiftieth anniversary, simply because before you were not ready for it, there was no time for love.

Someone had no time to study at twenty, since the choice was made in favor of the family and the child, but at thirty-five there is just free time and energy. And someone falls in love with a person younger than himself, because the feelings of the passport are not checked.

Someone did not wear short dresses at eighteen, because they considered themselves fat and ugly, and forty suddenly discovered slender long legs and wants to show them.

But right there, the woman, who got what she wanted in time, is bombarded with this eerie whisper "late", "not for her age." Where does it sound from? Let's go through the tabloid pages. “50-year-old Janet Jackson is pregnant. She gained 43 kg and hides her uniforms under Muslim clothes."

What a horror, old, fat and pregnant. What about a woman who gets pregnant in her 40s or 45s or 48s? Abortion? Just because society considers her too old to give birth to a child and scares her with all sorts of terrible diseases?

Why doesn't anyone rejoice, say "well done, you will give birth to a healthy baby"? After all, medicine now allows you to control and regulate the course of pregnancy. “34-year-old Anna Sedokova is pregnant with her third child. Father's name is hidden. Recall: Anna is already raising two daughters from different husbands."

Also a nightmare. Not very old, but unmarried, gives birth to children from different men. He also has the audacity to be happy. And not walk with the face of Mary Magdalene.

Go ahead. “47-year-old Jennifer Lopez had an affair with her 17-year-old youngest musician. And she appeared at the Grammy ceremony in a revealing sexy outfit. " Old, but, an infection, happy, walks around here twirling her ass, she also got a young lover. And if J.Lo at 47 looks like that, what will any 20-year-old give odds? A beautiful and rich woman. Why should she put on a shroud and be flattered by Donald Trump on her faded hair and hands in old chicks?

And finally, my favorite column is the stars on the beach. "Uma Thurman, 45, has shown her cellulite, but it does not interfere with her new romance." "Gwyneth Paltrow looks great at 41, even in a bikini." "And yet another 'ageless' star, Demi Moore, is also wearing bikinis at 54." Excuse me, but what to wear on the beach, if not in a bikini? Maybe in a spacesuit or a burqa? A mother of three children can't have stretch marks or cellulite?

Is it time for Demi Moore to walk around the cemetery, choosing a place and a monument? Or are our beaches filled with the perfect bodies of Mr. Olympia and Miss Fitness Bikini?

And why is this wonderful male aged 45+ with a swollen belly, who came to the beach in knitted white family shorts with red hearts, such a burp of Valentine's Day, does not soar at all that he is early, late or generally indecent? Or this gray-haired old man who showed his hanging ass in a thong?

So, with a couple of numbers and a few words, you can kill any desire in a woman to live a full life. Don't be ashamed, don't apologize, don't look back.

Tell me, about connoisseurs of age norms and time scales, when is it not too late for a woman to walk pregnant in a transparent dress? Is it too late to love, learn, make a career? And cellulite, when can you have it? Does age determine the presence of strength and opportunities? And why then such a different attitude to the age of a man?

Why does everyone say to a man who gets married and becomes a father at 48, "Well done, you wow"? Although the average life expectancy for men is lower than for women.

Life is short anyway. Despite the fact that in the Middle Ages, few lived to be 30 years old, but now people live up to 70, 80 and 100 years. There is much more to be done in them. And for a woman it is even more than just "more." Society expects from a modern woman to be educated, well-groomed, successful in her career, to have more hobbies, preferably two. Do sport.

Maintaining an ideal home, raising a couple of ideal children, not forgetting about your husband. Prepare the tastiest and healthiest meals. No cellulite. No fatigue. The teeth are white, the skin shines, the hair shines. The wardrobe matches well. I did not forget anything? Oh, and all this should happen according to age. But for which one? Nobody will tell.

And therefore. Dear women, show the facts to everyone who whispers "late" to you.

Give birth, love, wear short dresses, learn Chinese, marry a man 10 years younger than yourself, or never marry at all. Jump with a parachute, weave macrame or become a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Only you know how great your strengths and desires are. These "want" and "can" are the only criteria on which to rely!

Author - Elena Shpundra

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