The Most Unusual Injuries During Intimacy

The Most Unusual Injuries During Intimacy
The Most Unusual Injuries During Intimacy

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In Sklif there has long been a museum of objects that doctors removed from the anus of patients who were trying to diversify their sexual sensations. Many doctors have such collections, and stories of sex trauma, which ended well or not, are simply amazing.


In last place on our hit parade of erotic injuries is a man from Italy who shoved pasta inside the urinary tract. He expected to have fun, but got only problems, especially when the macaroni got stuck and broke inside the penis. The medical report describes this trauma during sex as "an injury sustained during masturbation by intrauterine penetration of spaghetti."

We are not looking for easy ways, decided a couple of lovers from the United States, and instead of going to a regular sex shop, they attached a vibrator to an electric saw. The toy fell off and the saw inflicted a severe penetrating wound on the genitals of a 27-year-old girl. She was taken by helicopter to the hospital, where the surgeons managed to stabilize the condition of the unfortunate woman.

The light bulbs in the mouth are a favorite prank of the little ones, but the light bulbs in the anus are already an adult. Doctors are no longer surprised by the number of such cases. The main thing is that they say that the glass product does not burst, the rest is fixable.

The main thing is not to confuse anything, especially the lubricant. A young couple of lovers so wanted to have sex that in their grandmother's house they mistakenly grabbed a special cream for lowering blood pressure with nitroglycerin instead of lubricant. After active use of this drug, both partners collapsed unconscious on the floor. Naturally, the unfortunate grandmother was the first to discover them.

One inventive young man stimulated his anus so much that he lost the toy in it. Instead of going to the doctor, he decided to pull it out with salad tongs. After a short time, this kitchen gadget also got stuck in the anus, and only after that did the young man still get to the hospital.

The persistent cough tormented the lady from India so much that she went to the doctors. X-rays showed that she had a condom stuck in her lungs, which she swallowed completely unnoticed during oral sex. I had to remove it surgically.

Well, the first place goes to a young man, from whom doctors took out pieces of concrete from his anus. This is perhaps the strangest sexual trauma, received in a way that still does not fit in our heads. It turned out that the patient, along with his partner, at the very peak of passion, poured liquid concrete into each other's anus through a funnel. Naturally, after a while the concrete hardened.

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