20 Sex Fetishes That Border On Insanity

20 Sex Fetishes That Border On Insanity
20 Sex Fetishes That Border On Insanity

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Think you've already learned everything about sex? Then think again and read our craziest list of sex fetishes of all time. This, without a doubt, useful knowledge will be a revelation even for a sophisticated dark web user. You won't see bondage, BDSM, foot fetish, or anything so mundane that it has become boring for a long time on our list. Only hardcore - only the weirdest and, in some cases, disgusting sex.

1 Formicophilia / Formicophilia First of all, we want to tell you about people who love to put ants in their panties. The choice is clear - ants bite the genitals, which is why arousal occurs. However, some get pleasure from other types of insects. For example slugs, worms and snails. Formicophiles aren't the strangest people on this list, honestly. 2 Nasolingus / Nasolingus Some people strive to do cunnilingus to their girlfriend, because it is "not by concept", but by our standards, cunnilingus is completely innocent compared to nasolingus - sucking a partner's nose. There are unique personalities who end up with this, especially if the nose is saturated with naturally occurring fluids.

3 Ball busting You could see this in porn. Perhaps you thought that all this was just a game of the moved actors who were promised a couple of extra bucks for being kicked in the balls. But the point here is simple, or rather, perverted pleasure, which in many respects relates to BDSM, but there is a certain uniqueness in it. Can you imagine that you will be pleased when they kick you in the balls? For example, when we think about this, then our personal belongings begin to shrink.

4 Love for sneezing / Mucophilia Once we were told that sneezing is a kind of mini-orgasm. Who said that? We don't remember, but it was at school. Now we have found out that there are a select few who can come from a simple sneeze provoked by snuff, pepper or special drops. 5 Love for tickling / Knismolagnia Ticklephiles cannot come otherwise, they only reach orgasm through tickling. A very strange sexual deviation, and most importantly - with such a thing you are always in danger, what if your great-grandmother wants to tickle you?

6 Necrophilia This is the darkest side of all fetishes, and you can see it in many horror films. But only there is no such film that would show this undoubtedly perverse and painful phenomenon believable. However, on the darknet, you may come across videos that will turn your idea of ​​what real madness is. Intercourse with the dead looks at least ominous, at the most - monstrous.

7 Gerontophilia A fairly common deviation. Gerontophils are attracted to older people. Not just elderly people, but really old people who have long been without teeth and hair. Wrinkled skin arouses gerontophilia, as do varicose veins, dentures and short-term memory. 8 Macrophilia We hope you are not having lunch right now, but if you do eat a burger, we will give you some rest. Macrophilia is love for big people. Not wide, but large - almost giants that obscure the sun. Nothing wrong. 9 Emetophilia / Emetophilia Back to horror. So what do you know about vomiting? We think that a lot if you have an unhealthy stomach, but you hardly knew that there are people who are excited by vomiting. Bon appetit again.

10 Agalmatophilia Statues, mannequins, busts or any other physical embodiment of a person in the form of artificial material. Agalmatophilus has a strong sexual attraction to these things, which can be expressed in thoughts of a mannequin during masturbation. If you watched the movie "Maniac" with Elijah Wood, then you roughly understand what this fetish is about.

11 Furries A fascinating modern phenomenon that originated in the hentai community. Its essence boils down to the following - people dress up as animals and begin to have sex. Everything may look simple - cat ears and a butt plug in the form of a cat's tail. But it's not always so democratic: some people spend large sums of money to dress up in animal costumes. Furry is also a special type of pornography, where animals appear in an anthropomorphic form. 12 Eproctophilia Do you like sticking your nose in someone's ass? If so, then you are an eproctophile - a rare specimen from the world of sexual fetishes. And yes, you guessed it, eproctophiles love to get the lion's share of their partner's intestinal gases. Farting can be sexy, isn't it amazing?

13 Infantilism So, you know this word, but you definitely didn’t think about it in the context of sex, and it’s good that you didn’t think, because infantils from sex like to dress in children's outfits, insert a baby pacifier into their mouths, sing lullabies to each other, read fairy tales, breastfeed, and poop in pants if “mom” or “dad” did not have time to change the diaper in time.

14 Frotteurism Imagine that you are sitting at a bus stop, looking at your smartphone, and suddenly the crowd around the stop closes in, and one guy from the crowd pulls out his horseradish to rub against your shoulder - you may not even notice it. It is the frotteurist who plays with. 15 Oculolinctus This is not the most hardcore action on the list, but it deserves to be on the weird list. Oculolingus is the act of licking the eyes for sexual gratification. It’s not painfully pleasant, if you think about it, but some even enjoy it. 16 Coprophilia Not for the squeamish, not for weaklings, not for normal people. Using a person's faeces during sex is damn pretty common. Moreover, one should not think that coprophiles and urolophiles (lovers of drinking "yellowish water") are one field of berries. If urolophiles love urine just because it is closely connected with the genitals, then coprophiles love shit because it is … shit.

17 Kleptolagnia Excitement often accompanies our arousal, which is why we enjoy having sex in unusual places. For example, in a train carriage or an airplane toilet. We are excited by the fact that our intercourse can be seen or stopped by representatives of the law and order. I think you know about such things, but there are people who cannot confine themselves to a toilet stall on an airplane - they want to feel a real danger, so they have sex during a robbery.

18 Zoomythophilia The fetish is not easy. People who are struck by zoomyphilia excite themselves with fantasies of sex with mythical creatures and animals. The list of these creatures is huge: trolls, werewolves, dragons, mermaids, gremlins, orcs. Ordinary people are not attracted to them. 19 Vorarephilia Ever read extreme horror? There, this horror will be enough, almost in every work, but it also exists in ordinary life. Perhaps this deviation claims to be the most god-loathing on the list. So, are you ready? Vorophilia is a fetish aimed at sexual arousal while eating people. Yes, you understood correctly - such a person can come only at the moment of eating another person.

20 Dendrophilia / Dendrophilia We end our list on a positive note, namely, dendrophilia. Adherents of this fetish love trees not because they are the lungs of our planet, but because they can ejaculate. If the Ents really existed, then least of all they would like to see a dendrophil in their native forest.

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