First Time - Not Ecstasy? Three Women Told When And How They Lost Their Virginity

First Time - Not Ecstasy? Three Women Told When And How They Lost Their Virginity
First Time - Not Ecstasy? Three Women Told When And How They Lost Their Virginity

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The first sex is the most exciting. Unfortunately, it does not always meet expectations. Many girls remain disappointed and even regret giving themselves to the wrong man, or doing it too early. Three British women spoke frankly about their first sexual experiences. For each of them it happened in different ways, but they all made conclusions about when it is better to make love for the first time. Studies show that more than half of women lose their innocence before they are ready for it. This is due to naivety and a desire to keep up with friends who have had sexual experience. Only a few decide to wait for a special moment with a worthy man.


From “too early” to “no regrets,” three ladies spoke candidly about their first sexual experiences.

15 is too early

Hadley, 30, lives in London. She decided to sleep with her boyfriend Adam when she became jealous of other girls at school. The first time the girl had happened when she was 15 years old. Then she studied in the 10th grade. Before Adam, Hadley only kissed a few guys. She was a little embarrassed by the fact that most of her peers had already had sexual experience, and she was still a virgin.

The girl's first serious relationship began in 2005. Adam was one of the most popular guys, a year older, and she seemed kind and smart. Hadley constantly wanted to impress him, because at school he was shy about their romance. And this upset the girl very much.

Young people kissed, but the matter did not go further, although Hadley knew that her boyfriend wanted to have sex. Adam didn't press her. Once at school, a girl noticed another flirting with him. She wanted to do something to keep him. So Hadley decided to sleep with her lover. The girl invited him to her place when her parents were not at home, and everything happened to them.

It turned out that Adam is also a virgin. It all lasted for several minutes. The guy was very embarrassed, dressed quickly and left. After that, their relationship completely deteriorated. They corresponded a little more, but the boyfriend flatly refused to discuss what happened between them. Both shared their first sexual experiences with friends, so soon the whole school knew that they had slept.

Gossip spread quickly, and Hadley felt depressed and devastated. She tried to concentrate on preparing for the exams in order to somehow distract herself from the unpleasant situation. Now the woman understands that 15 years old is too early for sexual intercourse. She has not yet matured emotionally to enjoy sex and deal with her feelings after it. The girl's mother also found out that her daughter slept with a guy after seeing the crumpled bed. After a tough conversation with her, Hadley decided to take a break from her relationship.

In 2007, when the girl was 17 years old, she entered college. There, Hadley began dating Tom. Young people hooked up three months after the start of the relationship, but discussed everything before going to bed. This time, Hadley felt completely different. As she matured, she began to appreciate the sexual experience with her boyfriend. A woman wants her children to be frank with her and not have sex too early. She hopes that the first time her child will be better than hers.

Waited until 25

27-year-old Sarah Hallows from Colchester waited a long time for the right moment and lost her virginity at 25. Most of her friends began their sex lives at the age of 15, but the girl decided to wait for the "right" guy.

Sarah's mother was a strict Catholic, so there was no talk of sex in the house. She discussed intimate topics with her friends, who were surprised at her abstinence.For the first time, a girl kissed at the age of 18, but she was waiting for a decent man for a long time. She concentrated on her studies and work, and her personal life was in the background. Sometimes Sarah went on dates, but did not start a serious relationship. Her strict principles helped to divide guys into two categories: those who only need sex, and those who aspired to something more.

The British lost her virginity at 25. She was invited to a party where she met Mike. The tall handsome guy immediately liked the girl. A spark lit up between them, and Sarah knew the moment was right. Since the party was held at her best friend's house, where she could safely stay, the girl decided to spend the night with a new acquaintance.

Sarah confessed to Mike that she had never been with a man before. He reacted to this with understanding, reassured her and did everything to make her enjoy it. Despite the fact that their communication after the first night did not last long, the British woman does not regret anything.

A few months later, she met John, with whom she truly fell in love. Despite the fact that Sarah was no longer a virgin, she only slept with her new boyfriend after the seventh date. Young people were together for six months. After this romance, the girl had another relationship. Now she is single, but claims that having become a woman, she gained more self-confidence. Sarah is glad that she was waiting for the right moment and, unlike many of her girlfriends, does not regret anything.

Virgin at 28

Blogger Alice Riley, 28, lives in Reading. The British have always wanted her first time to be special.

As a teenager, the girl was shy and very shy to communicate with guys. At the age of 18, she entered the university. New friends wondered why Alice was not interested in one night stand. She met guys at parties, but was waiting for a decent man to fall in love with. Sometimes the girl felt lonely, but over time she became convinced of the correctness of her decision, seeing how bad guys sometimes treat her friends.

After graduating from university in 2012, Alice began registering on dating sites. The girl has not yet met her only one, although she has been on several dates. When the British woman indicated in her profile that she was a virgin, she began to receive unpleasant messages from lustful men who wanted to be her first.

Since November 2016, Alice has started blogging, including several posts about her virginity. Family and friends support the girl, but sometimes she is attacked by trolls. After she posted on Twitter that sex should be something meaningful, she was bombarded with angry comments from users who disagreed with this point of view. But Alice did not delete the entry and continued to defend the right to express her views, even if others did not like it.

Now the British woman is 28 years old, and she is still a virgin. Despite the fact that the girl often feels the pressure of others, she is not going to change her own principles. Alice is confident in her convictions and continues to wait for a decent man.

Some girls manage to turn the loss of innocence into a bargain. A 19-year-old Ukrainian woman sold her virginity for a million euros and as a result received an offer to marry.

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