Distinguishing Courtship From Harassment

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Distinguishing Courtship From Harassment
Distinguishing Courtship From Harassment

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Fall 2017 is a time of career-destroying sex scandals: producer Harvey Weinstein was kicked out of his own company, photographer Terry Richardson refused to work with the publishing house Conde Nast, and then the shooting of the series "House of Cards" was suspended: the leading actor Kevin Spacey was accused of that 32 years ago he molested 14-year-old actor Anthony Rapp. In early November, an anecdotal incident was added to all this: the British Secretary of Defense resigned, who in 2002 touched the journalist's knee.


Now social networks are discussing how to distinguish harassment from ordinary courtship and how to behave with women in 2017 so that no one can accuse you of inappropriate behavior in twenty years. The popular microblogger Sergei D, a lawyer by profession, has developed a detailed consent form for flirting, which must be printed and issued for signature to the object of sympathy.

First, the microblogger asked the subscribers where is the line between flirting and harassment, to which one of the subscribers replied: “We got informed consent - flirt. If you are a boss, she is a subordinate - then under no circumstances."

The official wording "informed consent" inspired the blogger to develop a written consent form for flirting.

Boys and girls, I understood everything about informed consent to flirting. Realized. I agree. And only written consent is better than oral consent.

Here's an excerpt from the document for those who don't like the fine print. The consent has been developed only for residents of St. Petersburg.

Informed voluntary consent to courtship (flirting)

I (surname, name, patronymic - in full) have been informed (supplied) that I (represented) am the object of courtship (flirting) carried out in relation to me (indicate full name, year of birth).

- According to my will, I have been given full and comprehensive explanations about the nature, severity and possible complications in the process of courtship (flirting).

- I voluntarily give my consent to conduct with respect to me procedures of courtship (flirting) by the person specified above, including acquaintance, conversations, financial assistance, gifts, provision of goods and services of a material and intangible nature, expression of compliments and admiration in verbal and non-verbal form, physical and physiological interaction of individuals, carried out on the basis of mutual consent, without sexual intercourse and other actions of a sexual nature.

- The proposal of direct physical and physiological interaction of individuals, carried out on the basis of mutual consent, with sexual intercourse and other actions of a sexual nature, will be further explained to me, about which additional consent will be obtained.

- I am informed (informed) about the goals, nature and adverse effects of courtship (flirting), the possibility of unintentional harm to mental health, as well as what I (represented) have to do during their implementation.

- I have been notified (notified) that I (the represented) must regularly accept courtship (flirting) or immediately inform the caregiver (flirting) about any deterioration in mental well-being, termination of the courtship procedure and withdrawal of this consent.

- I have been warned (warned) and am aware that refusal of courtship (flirting), non-observance of generally accepted principles of morality and behavior, lack of respect for the feelings and methods of the caregiver (flirting) and his (her) personality can complicate the process of courtship (flirting) and negatively affect relationships and mental health.

- I have informed the caregiver (flirting) about all the problems associated with health, and about all my preferences and wishes that have developed during life. I have reported (reported) truthful information about heredity, as well as about the use of alcohol, drugs and toxic substances and their effect on my normal condition.

- I have read (read) and agree (agree) with all the points of this document, the provisions of which have been explained to me, I understand, and I voluntarily give my consent to the beginning of courtship (flirting).

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