The Winner Of The Show "Top Model In Ukrainian" Spoke About Her Mistress

The Winner Of The Show "Top Model In Ukrainian" Spoke About Her Mistress
The Winner Of The Show "Top Model In Ukrainian" Spoke About Her Mistress

Video: The Winner Of The Show "Top Model In Ukrainian" Spoke About Her Mistress

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"Yanka-lesbian" - such a nickname was awarded to the famous model from Podolsk (Odessa region) as a child. According to her confessions, at the age of 12, she noticed that she liked girls more. But despite this, Yana tried to date guys. Her lover, also a model Lera Garmash, once did not pass an audition for the show "Top Model in Ukrainian", where she came after Yana. This already hit hard on the relationship of lovers. And after the victory of Kutishevskaya, they had to maintain a relationship at a distance due to constant filming and touring. In the summer of 2019, Yana confessed to the journalists of Komsomolskaya Pravda:


- I don't even know if I would like to return Leroux. After all, she herself provoked her departure! This is not our first parting. After we parted for the first time, we reconciled and reconciled several times, but still we had eternal quarrels. And the relationship is no longer as perfect as it used to be. But if I could go back in time, I would have acted differently. I'm very sorry that this happened. We had a complete idyll and understanding, and I ruined everything.

However, now the love of girls is going through a new phase.

- Shortly before the filming of the final of "Super Top Models in Ukrainian" we got along with Lera! A year and a half later. To be honest, I already thought that I could forget about it and even began to gradually resign myself. But the incredible happened! And now we have been living together for several months, and everything is fine with us. We are happy. Of course, due to the fact that I am constantly at work, I cannot devote as much time to her as I would like, but all the same - we have love, and everything is great! And despite the fact that our whole history has been going on for four years, the feelings have not faded away.

Kutishevskaya does not hide her non-traditional sexual orientation. However, the parents were never able to accept their daughter to the end as she is. She repeatedly ran away from home and constantly argues with a strict religious mother. Moreover, she has not lost her Orthodox views on the world:

- I was raised in an Orthodox family, went to church from the age of six. Not only Ukraine is going to hell, but the whole world. It's not normal that people think it's okay to undress in front of the camera. Not. Soon porn will be hanging on the billboard, and everyone will think that this is normal, because Kim Kardashian is hanging here.

Today Yana Kutishevskaya assures that nutritional problems are in the past and she defeated anorexia. True, looking at the photographs with ribs protruding on the sides and chest, it is hard to believe in it.

- My friend caught a new fashion - to be anorexic (note - psychological disorder when a person loses his appetite). But she was never thinner than me. I should have been better, should have been thinner. I weighed 53 and lost 10 kilograms. My parents had hysteria, tears, screams, they begged me to eat. But I tried to be very thin, and I just got too hungry. They gave me droppers. After I ran away from home, my dad took me in. He has his own farm. He, dad, would give me a piece of bread, a bowl of borscht, and he just wouldn't go away. Make friends with your parents. They have life experience, - says Yana Kutishevskaya in a recent interview.

Although you still can't look at some of her photo shoots without tears.

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