5 Main Rules For Dealing With A Drunk Girl

5 Main Rules For Dealing With A Drunk Girl
5 Main Rules For Dealing With A Drunk Girl

Video: 5 Main Rules For Dealing With A Drunk Girl

Video: 5 Main Rules For Dealing With A Drunk Girl
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How to behave, what can you do, and what is better to refuse when your girlfriend is drunk? When, for example, during the day only a handful of arugula had been in her stomach, and in the evening a party burst out, where she was immediately given a glass and then regularly poured. And now, after 40 minutes, in front of you is already a creature that has nothing to do with a neat young lady with a smart look and restrained gestures, which you know and, perhaps, even love. Or, maybe, more precisely, he knew and loved?..

Judging by how unreasonable, dangerous and cruel men begin to behave in such a situation, such metamorphoses are a great stress for you. But, I can swear on the volume of Pasternak: the stress will be even greater if you quarrel now, and in the morning, along with the hangover, it will be necessary to somehow glue and repair what was "torn and trampled" on alcohol-emotions. And so that this does not happen, keep in mind what you should not allow yourself with and in relation to VD:

1. Take pictures and post "compromising evidence" in social networks

Meanwhile, how VD feels (gorgeous tigress / graceful panther / playful kitty) and how she really looks (loose makeup, ridiculous grimaces and expressive "arrow" on tights), as we all understand, is an abyss. But she does not realize this, so she poses trustingly to anyone who has a camera in her hands. But you, you see and understand everything! And that is why the photos or videos posted by you on the network, where VD looks like Zaza Napoli, and even 15 years older, will be not just a petty dirty trick, but uniform bestiality.

Better instead: take pictures, do not be lazy, be a real reporter, trying to catch the most piquant moments. But do not upload it anywhere, but save the pictures in a special secret daddy, which you will present to the girl for review a couple of days later. If there is a really effective way to convince a friend to be careful or even quit drinking alcohol, then this is it.

2. Trying to reason with

It is only in your eyes that you will look adult and responsible, saying: "Katya, get off the bar - you will have a meeting by 9 am!" A bore and a kick-ass guy - VD will decide about you.

Better instead: dig deeper into your phone and, putting on a mournful face, say that you just received a letter about the postponement of an important meeting at 9 in the morning. This makes you look like a bore, and your boss turns out to be a highlighter.

3. Clarify the relationship

First, you still won't agree on anything good. And secondly, the VD like to behave like the heroines of French cinema: to escalate the situation to the limit, and then run away into the night, sparkling with bare shoulders and bitter, like a tincture of wormwood, tears. And the more confident the minus outside the window, the more optimal this variant of the conflict resolution seems to the VD.

Better instead: first, divide everything said by VD by 5, or even by 10. Yes, what a drunk has on his tongue, then a sober one on his mind. But usually in much, much less concentration. And her "You don't understand me at all!" can easily mean “You didn't like my last two posts on fb”. And to quarrel over this, you must admit, is somehow even stupid.

Secondly, if the escalation of the conflict could not be avoided, and the VD fell into the night, forgetting about prudence and a coat, then run after it. Run! No matter how idiotic this whole scene looks. With disheveled women in disheveled feelings, wandering alone along the street, some kind of trouble can and certainly happen. And the fact that she will chill her appendages, crying at the foot of the monument to the heroes of Plevna, is not the most dramatic result of the evening.

4. To be nice to someone outside

VDs usually have amazing psychic and telepathic abilities. And at the same time, sometimes the third eye opens up to a heap. Where an ordinary woman sees a harmless flirtation, VD with this very third eye will see a full-fledged betrayal, which you, such a brute, commit practically in front of her eyes. Even if it's just a timid glance after the leaving waitress, who, it seems, is not going to bring you change.

Better instead: venture some kind of erotic outrage together with VD. Even in a restaurant toilet or in the darkest corner of the dance floor. Firstly, there is a chance not to miss the desired condition of the partner - when she is already, but not quite yet (if you decide to wait until home, and you will not deal with an insatiable guria, but with a sniffing koala, which, moreover, has been seasick in a taxi). Secondly, in terms of its sobering effect, sex is sometimes even more effective than two double espressos. Well, and thirdly, so she will be calmer for you (it is difficult to suspect a man who has just had sex, literally, his fly has not yet cooled down), and you for her (not finding an admirer in your face, she surely will not leave the search).

5. Get her to orgasm

Due to the fact that under the influence of alcohol receptors become less susceptible to external influences, VD is akin to the ladyboy from Walking Street Pattaya: it looks much more suitable for sex than it really is. Well, that is, technically, she can and is ready to have sex. And he will even take an active part in the process and cling to your back with his nails. However, all your sophisticated caresses designed to bring your partner to orgasm, VD will feel as if you are palpating her clitoris through the fabric of a wetsuit.

Better instead: focus on enjoying yourself, rather than giving it to your partner. After all, sexually, the VD is a very accommodating and uninhibited creature. It would be foolish not to take advantage of this.