How To Propose To A Man So As Not To Look Too Intrusive (and Whether It Is Necessary)

How To Propose To A Man So As Not To Look Too Intrusive (and Whether It Is Necessary)
How To Propose To A Man So As Not To Look Too Intrusive (and Whether It Is Necessary)

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Unfortunately, recently there has been such a tendency that men cannot decide until the last whether they should take their relationship to a new level or whether it is better to leave everything as it is. And now women, tired of the uncertainty and indecision of their gentlemen, take everything into their own hands and make an offer to their faithful themselves. But how correct and justified is this? Would a man feel insulted and deprived? What does the future hold for such couples? Answers - in the material


Remember how in the movie "The Proposal" the main character - the head of a large publishing house - tries to avoid deportation from the country in any way, even through a fictitious marriage with her subordinate, after promising him a promotion. She is sure that the young man will not dare to refuse such a tempting offer and everything will go smoothly. However, at the last moment, the deal is threatened and the young woman is given exactly 24 hours to leave the country on her own. In the end, everything ends well, but the audience still has to get nervous. Especially when a successful lady, kneeling in the middle of the pavement, holds out a ring to the candidate for the role of husband. Would you decide on such an adventure if you knew that your gentleman would never mature before marriage? Or would you prefer to wait until the last, until the man himself deigns to utter the cherished words? We figure out whether it is worth rushing things and making an offer to your chosen one.

If formalities and conventions are not for you, and you, by all means, decided to “ring” your chosen one, then we can cheer you up. Many star beauties, including Pink, Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and the English Queen Victoria herself, were not afraid to expose themselves in an unsightly light, directly telling the gentlemen that they want to go with them to the altar, period. The men, of course, were taken aback by such an initiative, but they accepted the offer. We all know how this turned out for women, but we, in turn, wanted to warn you against common mistakes, because of which your romantic idea can turn into a complete collapse of hopes and even a break in relations.

Questions that you should discuss with your partner before you give him the coveted box with a ring. By the way, psychologists recommend preparing several scenarios for the development of events, and acting according to the circumstances (let's say he said yes, he joked and promised to think, he got offended and left, slamming the door loudly). So at least you will be able to navigate and understand how you should proceed.

"What is more important to you: an open relationship or a stamp in your passport?"

First, find out how your chosen one feels about marriage. Perhaps everything suits him and he does not see the point of putting a stamp in his passport (and why, if in principle everything is fine with you at the moment). Or, for example, he will say that he has not yet met the one that he would like to marry right now. Do not be afraid to hear the truth, in any case you need to discuss this issue in order to understand what you can count on.

"Would you like to start a family in the future?"

If your man starts babbling something unintelligible, avoiding an answer or changing the topic of conversation, then most likely he is simply not ready to take responsibility and formalize a relationship with you. In this case, find out about further prospects (whether he is considering the possibility of starting a family in the future, or does he not need it at all).

"What do you think about women's initiative in marriage?"

Be sure to clarify how he relates to the fact that recently women are taking the initiative into their own hands and independently solving many issues (including making an offer, taking over the entire organization of the wedding and in the future - the family budget).

"Would it hurt you if a lady proposed to you?"

Jokingly specify how he would react if you came to him with a ring and an offer to become your husband. Be ready to accept any answer - so you will at least understand whether you should bring your plan to the end, or your boyfriend, in principle, is not yet ready to take your relationship to a new level. And then it is worth pause so that the man thinks over everything again and understands whether you have a joint future or not.

"Could you seriously consider marrying me?"

You need to make sure that the man considers you as his wife, otherwise, if he is attracted only by light, easy-going relationships, you will have to forget about your idea and look around in search of a more suitable candidate.


Let's go to the main thing

In fact, it does not matter at all where and how you propose to your man (especially if you have already probed the waters and received answers to your provocative questions from him). The main thing that you have understood for yourself is that your gentleman, as they say, has practically matured and you will only have to push him to make such an important decision. If you understand that your chosen one is not averse to going with you to the registry office, then it does not matter which one of you is the first to utter the cherished words, the main thing is that they are sincere and confirm your desire to go on through life together.

And in order to strike him down on the spot with your originality (and courage), think over every little thing in advance and try to take into account the interests and temperament of your man (after all, what may suit one person, the other will not like it at all, for example). Also try to avoid public speaking, because your boyfriend may react differently than you expected and also publicly roll you a stage or even decide that you came up with everything on purpose in order to publicly humiliate him (there were such cases). With all your determination, try to do without a wedding ring. And in the treasured box, you can put some trifle that would be associated with your couple (for example, your joint photo cut in the shape of a heart, why not). Make sure that your chosen one is in a good mood and is ready to adequately perceive your words (otherwise, he will dissolve in the crowd before you have time to finish the sentence). Let him know that you will accept any answer from him, but until the last you will believe that he will answer you with consent.

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