20 Things About Sex That Only Happen In Movies

20 Things About Sex That Only Happen In Movies
20 Things About Sex That Only Happen In Movies

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In the films, intimacy is always portrayed wonderfully, captivating and beautifully. Everything is simple there: if sex is not perfect, then the heroine is engaged in it with the wrong man, realizes her mistake and finds the right person. But in life everything is not so rosy. Although people do not stop loving cinema either.


1. All undress elegantly. The silk of the dress slides over her shoulders, he lifts her skirt, she slowly unbuttons his fly. And no one falls, entangled in the trousers, and does not pause to cope with the intricate fastener. Also, you will never be shown on camera how he or she takes off socks. Otherwise, what are they after this hero-lovers?

2. Perfect underwear. You will never see a heroine has a hole in her panties or hair under her arm. Her legs and bikini are always clean-shaven too.

3. Foreplay never lasts more than a minute. It feels like the heroes in the frame were told to caress each other while the match is burning. During this time, you need to excite, raise and tune.

4. Everyone groans. In bed scenes, everyone is sure to make these heartbreaking sounds, similar to the screams of parrots.

5. And other sounds do not emit. In real sex, there are more than enough of them. That is even worth this awfully awkward sound when air enters the vagina Or when you squeeze the last lubricant out of the tube. Maybe that's why in films sex is always done to music?

6. They always have sex only with penetration. Yes, yes, no penetration - no sex, the directors think for some reason.

7. They never use lubricant. Women in the movies are not only aroused with half a turn, but they have enough moisture of their own. If in some paintings lovers can still look for a condom, then this is where the realism ends.

8. Always cum at the same time. It feels like they are taking courses on synchronous orgasm.

9. Of course, she cums from vaginal sex alone.

10. Only single women use the vibrator. Even if the couple has been in the movies together for ten years, in their bed games they do not go further than sex in the kitchen. After all, everyone knows that sex toys exist only for Samantha Jones or single losers.

11. She never has a period.

12. They never look for a condom. Of course, it's always in your jeans pocket or in your bedside table.

13. First sex is always perfect. In films, the lover always knows what to do: where to touch, kiss, stroke or pinch. It feels like they were all given instructions in advance! And she never turns out, because here she tickles, here - it hurts, but here - nothing.

14. She never masturbates after sex. Of course, this is because she already had a dizzying orgasm. And maybe not alone. Therefore, such that he has already finished, and you need a little more, will not happen in the film.

15. She never goes to the bathroom after sex. 16. They are never interrupted by children or pets. Of course, a hungry cat never jumps on lovers. And the little son does not knock on the bedroom door at the most inopportune moment: "Mom, I pee."

17. Cunnilingus is always great. It is worth touching there with the tongue, and she already beats in convulsions.

18. They never look for a comfortable position. In what they got up - so comfortable. Movie lovers are not supposed to frown and say, "Something is wrong, let's try it differently?"

19. She never takes off her bra. Whatever happens: fire, flood or sex, in a bra her last salvation, so that it must be protected like the apple of an eye.

20. Everyone is happy! There is no funny, awkward, unsuccessful, or boring sex in movies.

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