Bonya Refused To Show Her Husband

Bonya Refused To Show Her Husband
Bonya Refused To Show Her Husband

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Victoria Bonya loves to intrigue. She hid the break with Alex Smerfit for a long time. And now he hides a new chosen one. As the girl said, she is now married.

In one of the recent broadcasts on social networks, Victoria showed a gorgeous ring on that very finger of her right hand. And she casually remarked: "My husband is at work."

"Yes, I have a husband. But I won't show it to you. And I won't tell you anything about him,”the model continued. But just in case, she added that the man is in great contact with her daughter Angelina and takes care of the girl.

True, some Victoria fans suggested that the star is disingenuous. And in fact, now Bonya remains unmarried.

Recall that at the beginning of the year, the model officially announced a breakup with Alex Smerfit, the father of little Angelina. “At some point, we realized that we were going in different directions. I dream of a big family, I want both a second and a third child. One of the reasons for the separation was Alex's unwillingness to have more children now. His main priority at the moment is to realize himself in his career. And for me it is important to realize myself as a mother. Alex and I love each other very much humanly, but this is not enough,”Bonya said in an interview with Hello.

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