Lost Shame. Why Do People Make Love In Public

Lost Shame. Why Do People Make Love In Public
Lost Shame. Why Do People Make Love In Public

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Night. Street. Shop. Such an entourage for an intimate date was recently chosen by a young couple in Dzerzhinsk. The girl and the guy were not embarrassed that everything was happening near a nightclub full of people. The witnesses filmed the scene of passion, and then posted it in a local group on a social network.


Life in a flock

A year ago, passengers of the Nizhny Novgorod metro became involuntary spectators of carnal pleasures. This video also appeared on the web. The guy and the girl were then fined, found guilty under the Code of Administrative Offenses "Hooliganism". For an outburst of passion I had to pay 25 thousand rubles. to each.

In October 2017, a couple of Nizhny Novgorod students became famous throughout Russia. The guy and the girl, who did not know each other before, had sex at the bar in a popular nightclub. The guests of the party again posted the video on the Web. The young man, the future policeman, refused to take part in dubious PR. But his partner, who received a pedagogical education, rode with this story on all the popular television talk shows and for a while became a real star of the Internet. By the way, the couple was not brought to any responsibility due to lack of grounds.

What does this behavior of young people say? What's going on with society?

“Under the influence of social networks, it is customary to display much that was previously intimate: food, rest, and now sex,” says psychologist Marina Lokotkova. - People just don't know what else to do to get noticed! Moreover, the topic of sex in modern society has not been taboo for a long time. In fact, we begin to live as one united flock, where bonuses are likes, views, even if they compromise."

This is a new reality

Perhaps for show intimacy is a challenge to society, in imitation of the performances of contemporary artists so popular today?

“In my opinion, the fact that people call this a defiant act should just be disturbing,” says contemporary artist Artyom Filatov. - Dzerzhinsk is full of much more terrible problems. It is a shift in emphasis to consider that this behavior of a couple is a social challenge when there are other daily challenges in the city related to the same environmental situation."

But sociologists see this attitude to life as a serious signal for all of us.

“When society enters the stage of rapid transformation, the social minority, inclined to demonstrative, even psychopathic behavior, is increasingly testing reality, checking that it is now the norm,” explains sociologist Alexander Prudnik. - The reaction of the majority sets the contours of the new reality in which we have to live. What innovations will be accepted and what will be rejected as destructive? The "experimenters" find out all this.

So far, the behavior of all three couples has been harshly condemned on social media.

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