Interesting And Unexpected Facts About Condoms

Interesting And Unexpected Facts About Condoms
Interesting And Unexpected Facts About Condoms

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Condoms have long become a familiar part of life, as they allow you to avoid unwanted pregnancies and protect yourself from ailments. However, what do you really know about condoms?

There are several types of condoms

The most common condoms are considered traditional latex, but some "users" are allergic to this material, so there are also polyurethane on sale. For those who are not suitable for these two types, there is a third - polyisoprene. The rarest species is considered to be the lamb intestines. Another option is different from conventional condoms and is used by women to avoid infections and pregnancy.

Without changes

Latex condoms have been in production since the 1920s and haven't changed much in 100 years. Only a variety of aromas and shapes with bulges and concavities appeared in the range of these products.

The quality of sex with a condom

The majority of citizens believe that condoms directly affect the quality of intercourse. Scientists, meanwhile, have proven that a couple's satisfaction with their intimate life does not depend on whether they use a condom during sex or not.

"Rubber bands"

Why are condoms sometimes called "rubber bands"? This device was able to get its modern look after Charles Goodyear first applied the method of vulcanizing rubber in 1855.

Women buy almost as many condoms as men

Despite the fact that condoms by their anatomy are intended for the stronger sex, women buy about 40% themselves. Experts consider this to be the right thing to do, as the rubber band provides 98% protection against unwanted pregnancies.

Only 5% of the world's men use condoms

Rather sad statistics say that in the vastness of the Earth condoms are used by an average of about 5% of men. This is because in some undeveloped countries, condoms are simply not readily available.

The industry is developing

Modern scientists are trying to improve the condom by developing new variations. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has announced the opening of a $ 100,000 grant to anyone who proposes a new version of the subject.

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