Simple Things That Will Make You More Confident

Simple Things That Will Make You More Confident
Simple Things That Will Make You More Confident

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Success in life is made up of professionalism and skills multiplied by self-esteem and confidence. This means that you cannot compensate for confidence with self-esteem with newly acquired knowledge. And if you want to improve your life and achieve success in your career, you need to develop this very confidence.


Surely you are familiar with people who, shall we say, do not shine with intelligence, but under the motto "arrogance and perseverance" they achieve everything they want. Or vice versa: your friend has two higher educations, and in general he is a very smart and well-mannered person, but he works for a penny at the factory and walks around with a dull and meager expression on his face. This is because smart people often find fault with themselves and their self-esteem is low. We are not encouraging you to try to get dumber, but we will tell you about seemingly silly things that will help you work on your confidence and self-esteem.

Accurate hit of garbage in the trash can

Don't tell me that the moment you throw a crumpled piece of paper into a trash can from a long distance and fall into it, you don't feel like Michael Jordan. At least once, everyone has felt the satisfaction of performing a similar action with gum, paper, or something else. An accurate hit, and thoughts like "I'm good" are already spinning in your head. Let it be for a minute, but you feel a sense of pride, consider yourself cool. Yes, all this is nonsense, but they are good.

Peeping Game

When was the last time you looked a person in the eye until he turned away? If you don't feel confident, chances are you are always the first to look away. But this duel must be won. It is important to understand that every interaction is a small battle. It won't be easy at first, but you need to get through it. One has only to try, and you will understand that other people are as nervous as you are and turn away, as if returning from the outside world to their cocoon. The moment when with just one look you make a person feel awkward cannot but give confidence.

"Correct" speech rate

Perhaps you were reprimanded or you yourself observed that when you are nervous, your voice sounds a little higher than usual, and sometimes you start to give out tongue twisters. Phrases are pronounced faster than you think, and if you say something wrong, you remember the old saying about the word and the sparrow. If you're going to be performing in front of an audience and you're excited, try to speak a little slower than usual. If it seems that you are stretching the words - do not worry, these are all nerves. From the outside, your speech will sound clear and good. 8 ways to improve your spoken language

Sincere smile

I got up on the wrong foot, something unpleasant happened. When there is no mood, you are withdrawn, and those around you see it. At such times, everyone looks weak and depressed. Here, of course, you cannot manage with a forced smile, it must be sincere. If you're out of sorts, try doing this: stand in front of a mirror, relax, and close your eyes. At the same time as you open your eyes, smile. Yes, that's how it looks for real. Work on it. A smiling person is always pleasant and easily attracts interlocutors.

Correct posture

Correct posture will make you 300% more confident. Walk with your chin up (but do not overdo it, otherwise the first step - and you will fall face down), and look straight ahead. There are many ways to correct your posture: exercises on the horizontal bar, with dumbbells and many others. A nice bonus will be the pumped muscles of the upper back, which will just keep the shoulder blades in the correct position. Do not disdain and the bar.Try to do it every other day, increasing the time. After spending at least a month fighting your stoop, you will be amazed at the results. This is a big and important step in working on inner confidence and overall appearance. Getting started is not easy, we know. But if you take up yourself with both hands, you will soon become an impressive and authoritative man. And you will remember the stooped guy who just recently looked at everyone from under his brows with a smile. Or forget it altogether.

It is very important to realize that you can or have already been able to change. People often don’t believe it. And, for example, those who have suffered from excess weight, even after years of training, consider themselves not attractive enough. To enjoy the results of the work done, you need to get rid of the inner "powder" or whatever you have. Don't let your fears reach your goal. Do stupid things, exercise, and whatever (but no violence, buddy) that boosts your confidence level without fear of what others will think of you. Someone will say that at times you are infantile - so be it. But confident. Major life mistakes that will destroy your confidence

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