Better A Bad Peace Than War: Kravets Is In No Hurry To Divorce Her Husband Who Beat Her

Better A Bad Peace Than War: Kravets Is In No Hurry To Divorce Her Husband Who Beat Her
Better A Bad Peace Than War: Kravets Is In No Hurry To Divorce Her Husband Who Beat Her

Video: Better A Bad Peace Than War: Kravets Is In No Hurry To Divorce Her Husband Who Beat Her

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The main socialite of Russia regretted that she married a man 22 years older than her


Alena Kravets's relationship with her husband is more like a Brazilian TV series. There is everything here: passion, betrayal, and even assault. However, Kravets assures: recently she was able to establish a fragile peace with her husband. Where it will lead, time will tell.

Alena met her future husband at the age of 16. At that time Ruslan Kravets was already considered one of the richest businessmen in Russia.

- Now I have a negative attitude towards unequal marriages, - says Alena. - But at a young age you think differently. For me at that time everything was a wonder, I wanted to know everything. My husband won me over with care and fatherly attention. I was still quite a nymphet, such a Nabokovian Lolita, and he was a mature, accomplished man. We were doing well! I was floating with happiness. Now I understand that I drew attention to Ruslana due to the lack of attention of her father in childhood, who was often on business trips …

At first, Alena was sure: she was lucky with her lover. The beloved looked after her, fulfilled all her wishes.

- As soon as we officially legalized the relationship, quarrels began, - complains Alena. - The husband showed possessive moments, jealousy and constant control appeared. At first it was funny to watch everything, but then it all began to strain and annoy. I even went to the toilet with the guards. My husband said it was necessary for my safety. But these were just words, he just controlled me. It constantly seemed to him that I was changing, that everyone wanted me. He was sure that if I left the house alone, I would definitely go to the left. And I didn't think about it at all, because I was properly raised.

"Like a pig in the mud": Kravets takes on the maintenance of the abandoned father of Dana Borisova

After several years of family life, thunder struck. The husband raised his hand to Kravets. Alyonushka, without thinking twice, went to talk shows to tell the whole truth about her tyrant husband.

- Then, in his opinion, I cheated with the photographer, - Alena sighs. - Got it in the eye. The blow was so strong that I immediately got a bruise on half of my face. Some of my friends tried to calm me down, saying: "If he hits, it means he loves!" But I will not tolerate any assault.

Therefore, several years ago, Kravets decided to live separately.

- Now everything is fine with us: he lives at home, and I at myself, - Kravets smiles. - Thank God that there is an opportunity to exist in different territories. I have built a relationship so that my daughter and I live together. She communicates with Ruslan, which I do not interfere with, because I understand how a child needs the attention of his father. As for our relations, they have changed somewhat. But he still continues to patronize and control me. This is already like a disease on his part. I understand that he will never be able to recover from this. But it continues to strain me! It’s one thing when you’re 20 years old, and I’m already an adult and successful woman myself. I want a few other relationships.

Alena Kravets: I was persecuted because of the death of Norkina!

Alena does not hide: despite her separation, she never filed an official divorce from her age spouse. Although I really wanted to.

- He didn't let me divorce him, - Alena sighs. - At some point, he took our common child abroad. I haven't seen my daughter for almost seven months. She went to a foreign school, studied. Therefore, I decided that a bad peace is better than war. Moreover, I know how far a wealthy man can go. I look at my close Rublev friends, who have influential husbands, and I am horrified. One friend of mine wanted to divorce her retired husband. So he took all the children from her.Therefore, I advise everyone: in a relationship you need to be wise. Such as me.

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Alena does not hide: she is now constantly receiving signs of attention from other men. And she accepts them.

- I'm all in love, - says Alena. - A girl like me, believe me, will never be left without attention. And husband? I don't follow him!

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