With The Help Of An SMS Message, Damage To A Wedding Dress And More: How A Marriage Is Dissolved In Different Countries

With The Help Of An SMS Message, Damage To A Wedding Dress And More: How A Marriage Is Dissolved In Different Countries
With The Help Of An SMS Message, Damage To A Wedding Dress And More: How A Marriage Is Dissolved In Different Countries

Video: With The Help Of An SMS Message, Damage To A Wedding Dress And More: How A Marriage Is Dissolved In Different Countries

Video: With The Help Of An SMS Message, Damage To A Wedding Dress And More: How A Marriage Is Dissolved In Different Countries
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The fashion for overseas princes is still at the top, despite the difference in the perception of life and building relationships. After the coveted "Yes" in front of the altar, most of the girls completely stop looking for points of contact with the faithful, believing that everything is fine, because they have achieved their goal. But princes often do not agree with such behavior of the second half and rush to file a divorce in order to find their happiness with someone else. About how exactly a marriage is dissolved in different countries of the world - in the material Passion.ru.


Before moving on to the divorce proceedings of other states, it will not be superfluous to remind, but what is the situation with this in our country? According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, each of the spouses has the right to file for divorce (you can apply for a divorce at the place of residence, and not at the place of registration). When do spouses need to go to court or registry office? If the separation occurred by mutual agreement, when the spouses peacefully settled property disputes, agreeing what and who will get it after the divorce and if the woman during this period is not in a position or does not raise a baby (up to 3 years old), and there are no other reasons for going to court, then the divorce can be filed at the registry office. If a couple has minor children or one of the spouses refuses to divorce the other (including by ignoring the request to appear at the filing of the application), then the dissolution of the marriage takes place in court. And if the other party does not appeal, then after a certain time, the marriage is considered dissolved, and yesterday's lovers can go about their personal lives independently.


This country has the least number of divorces, and all because the divorce process here is one of the most difficult. First, before officially separating, the spouses need to live separately for three years and decide that they really do not want to be together anymore. Secondly, the divorce must be officially substantiated, otherwise freedom can be obtained only after a few years (at least 5). In most cases, after a divorce, children live with their mother, while men are left to pay alimony not only when their heirs reach the age of 18, but also until their child gets a job and is unable to support himself. As for the ex-wife, then she is paid a solid "severance pay" until she finds a new husband.


If the spouses want to divorce, then they are given a year to think if this is really what they need. However, if one of the partners manages to establish the fact that the second mocked him or abused strong drinks, rowdy, and so on, then “a year to think” is not given and the divorce process is simplified. In the presence of property disputes or in other difficult situations, the divorce proceedings are delayed for 4-5 years. At the same time, children are left with the parent who has more opportunities to provide them with a decent future. If the spouse could not find a job immediately after the divorce, then the ex-husband can support her for some time.



If the spouses have no children and they want to end their family life, then they will go to a meeting and divorce them as quickly as possible. If they have children (under 16), then they will be given six months to weigh the pros and cons. In this case, the property will be divided equally between the spouses, and the children will not stay with one of the parents, spending the same amount of time with both mom and dad (former lovers will raise them together, dividing all expenses in half). If one of the partners needs support immediately after the divorce, then the other will pay him an allowance (until his former love gets on his feet and can take care of himself on his own, or until he formalizes a new marriage).


According to the legislation of this country, treason, separation for about two years, unreasonable behavior of one of the spouses (for example, drunkenness, unwillingness to pay bills, ignoring the opinion of a partner, wearing extravagant outfits, etc.) can be considered good reasons for divorce. This allows the spouses to divorce as quickly as possible. However, if one of the partners succeeds in proving that his behavior in marriage was very reasonable, then this process can drag on for years.


In this country, spouses are not given time to think and weigh all the pros and cons - documents for divorce go immediately to the court and, in the absence of disputes, partners can be free in 2-3 months. If one of the spouses categorically does not agree to a divorce or the former lovers could not agree on property and other issues, then the divorce process can last for several years (for example, 3-4). Children are usually left with their mother, but the ex-husband will have to pay not only child support (from $ 300 to $ 1000), but also the severance pay to his ex (from $ 1000 to $ 2000) until she remarries.

Malaysia and Singapore

To free themselves from the bonds of marriage, Muslim men need to say “talak” (divorce) three times and breathe calmly. Moreover, before the wife could after that practically be kicked out of the house in what she was, so Muslim women at any time of the day were hung with all the ornaments that they had (you never know what would come into the head of their faithful), but at the moment the laws of some Sharia countries have become more liberal. Today it is a little easier for local men - they just need to send three messages with the text "talak" from their mobile phone, then confirm their intentions in the Sharia court and enjoy their life further.


Local men, in addition to the coveted "talak" (pronounced three times or sent the appropriate number of times in SMS messages), will need to return all the dowry that they once received for their wife.

To officially divorce, Arab men need to confirm their "talak" in the Sharia court, and then go through the procedure for the division of property. In this country, a marriage contract is provided, and if before the wedding the bride and groom have agreed to include in it a clause on the "permission for divorce", then the woman can subsequently file for divorce. Otherwise, if for some reason she wants to get rid of family ties, she will have to prove in court that her husband has a mental illness, that he cannot have children, that he is missing or went to prison. Otherwise, the right to file for divorce remains exclusively with the man. As a consolation, the lady is left with a house and a decent monthly allowance.



If the decision on divorce was made mutually, then the spouses can be free almost immediately after filing the application (sometimes the process can drag on for several days, and in the presence of disputes - for several months). The property is divided in half (the debts, by the way, are also equally transferred to the former spouses), the children remain with the parent who can provide them with a decent future. If it is possible to prove the fact of treason, then the offended party has the right to receive substantial monetary compensation not only from the unfaithful lover, but also from the one with whom she was unfaithful. By the way, the event industry is flourishing in this country, inviting former spouses to celebrate the release from family ties (from breaking wedding rings with a special hammer to luring good luck into their new life).

Dominican Republic

Divorces in this country are quite a profitable business, because it can be issued in just 15 minutes, regardless of the citizenship of the spouses. Therefore, especially enterprising people even organized special divorce tours to the Dominican Republic. This process, of course, is not the cheapest, but it is fast. A few minutes and you are free people. The main thing is to make sure that all the necessary stamps are on the official letterhead, otherwise your marriage will not be dissolved.


Despite the fact that in many African tribes they have not even heard of divorce, in civilized places they still give the spouses the opportunity to start a new life separately. So, for example, in the Balanata tribe, a woman can part with her husband if she confirms that family life makes her unhappy (but only after her wedding dress is worn out. If she wants to speed up the process, then she will have to make sure that the wedding the garment became unusable as early as possible). In other tribes, a spouse can initiate a divorce if she proves that her faithful is shirking her duties, has a relationship on the side, or is trying to harm her with the help of magic. If the lady cannot give the heir to the spouse, then this is not a good reason for divorce (in this case, a man can take a new wife and resolve the issue of childbearing with her). If a man is sterile in a couple, then the woman can turn to his friend for “help”, but if she refuses to do this, then the family union may fall apart. In another tribe, where matriarchy reigns to this day, women can calmly declare their intention to hang out with their spouse, leaving themselves a house, property and even livestock. In another tribe, during the wedding ceremony, special masks are put on the bride and groom, and if after 12 months the young do not take them off, then their union is automatically terminated.


In this country, divorces also rarely happen, and this is because after parting, the ex-wife gets all the property. In addition, a man is obliged to give his ex 30% of his income every month and pay child support.

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