Laura Schlessinger Explained How To Look After And Feed Her Husband

Laura Schlessinger Explained How To Look After And Feed Her Husband
Laura Schlessinger Explained How To Look After And Feed Her Husband

Video: Laura Schlessinger Explained How To Look After And Feed Her Husband

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Video: The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands (Audiobook) by Dr. Laura Schlessinger 2023, February

The book The Good Husband: Proper Care and Feeding. How to make your marriage harmonious and happy”written by one of the most popular radio hosts in the world will help save your relationship and bring it to a whole new level.


"A good man is hard to find, not to keep." With this phrase, family therapist and popular radio host Laura Schlessinger begins her new book.

In her opinion, modern women spend too much time clinging, like drowning people, to the salvation of relationships that do not deserve it, missing the opportunity to meet a worthy person.

At the same time, the girls are terribly annoyed by the advice to treat a hardworking, caring husband with the care, attention, respect and love that he needs to be happy.

Laura is sure: most women who complain about relationship problems should just think about their behavior.. Men, after all, are very simple and straightforward. They usually mean exactly what they say and don't use hints. You need to learn this fact if you want to be truly happy with your halves.

“Women call me almost daily, harshly criticizing men, telling me how they spend month after month on ineffectual spousal therapy (also known as 'complaint sessions'), but still have no idea what to do with their marriage.

I ask them (well, to be honest, I annoyingly force them) to try at least one recommendation in practice and do it every day for a week. Then they call back in complete amazement at the positive changes in their own feelings in relation to the other half, their behavior and the general atmosphere in the house. They see progress and feel their strength! They are happier! And marriage seems like a blessing again,”says Laura Schlessinger

Laura writes out her recommendations very clearly and understandably on the pages of the book, explaining why and why it is worth following this specific advice.

“Proper care and feeding” is not a joke, but a prerequisite. Forget nagging, reproaches and endless quarrels; instead, try asking your loved one once again how his day went, supporting him, and not overusing negativity over trifles. Do not have time to come to your senses, as the same warm and affectionate attitude will return to you like a boomerang.

Laura illustrates the most common problems in relationships with real life stories: girls and women who do not feel happy in relationships call her on the radio or write letters asking for advice. And each time it turns out that, trying to close their own need for love and care, they deprive their partners, apply double standards, play around and demand the impossible.

Perhaps you will recognize yourself in the stories from the book and understand that strengthening a marriage is not difficult at all.

It's time to trust Laura with your relationship!

Ivan Borisov.


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