Galina Rzhaksenskaya First Showed Her Daughter

Galina Rzhaksenskaya First Showed Her Daughter
Galina Rzhaksenskaya First Showed Her Daughter

Video: Galina Rzhaksenskaya First Showed Her Daughter

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Galina Rzhaksenskaya, one of the most famous participants in the show "The Bachelor", became quite recently - on October 15th. And now, a month and a half after giving birth, the star, together with her husband, decided not only to baptize her daughter, but also to show her face to fans. Galina Rzhaksenskaya and her husband Dmitry Gromov posted a touching and gentle photo on their Instagram pages.


Today is such a day … I'll just repost from my dad, new mom wrote.

And her husband, sharing the picture, remarked:

Our baby was baptized today. ️ Grow up happy and healthy, love ️.

Publication from Evgeny Gromov (@ gro444) Nov 26 2017 at 5:19 PST

"Congratulations !!!", "Congratulations. So cool”,“Congratulations! Health to the baby! "," With christening. The most beautiful ", - fans immediately unsubscribed in the comments. Many, at the same time, began to argue about whom the child looks more like. As a result, many have found the traits of both mom and dad.

Recall that Galina Rzhaksenskaya's pregnancy became known in mid-June. Then the girl admitted that the news of the imminent replenishment came as a surprise both for her and for her husband.

Now she happily shares with her subscribers stories about the experience of motherhood. To be honest, the girl has already told how her childbirth went and the first week after the birth of her daughter.

Galina gained fame after participating in the show "The Bachelor" with Timur Batrutdinov. She reached the final, but the hero of the program opted for another girl. Galina herself soon, and without participating in the show, arranged her personal life and married Yevgeny Gromov. The couple has already officially registered their marriage, but did not have time to celebrate. It was decided to postpone the holiday until the child is already born.

Publication from Galina Rzhaksenskaya (@senoritagalo) Nov 5 2017 at 1:53 PDT

Photo: Instagram / senoritagalo

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