The Main Rules Of Harmonious Relationships

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The Main Rules Of Harmonious Relationships
The Main Rules Of Harmonious Relationships

Video: The Main Rules Of Harmonious Relationships

Video: The Main Rules Of Harmonious Relationships
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Love, without a doubt, is a wonderful feeling that not only inspires, but also makes it possible to radically change your life and habits. True, because of the media, romantic films, books and women's stories, we form the wrong idea of how to build relationships correctly. As a result, over and over again a person can make the same mistakes, and then wonder why the separation came so quickly.


but for this reason, many psychologists and personal relations experts constantly warn people against doing certain things that may seem at first glance to be insignificant, and subsequently lead to misunderstandings and rupture.

Do not create an idol for yourself

Your partner, of course, is worthy of love, but in no case should you put him above yourself and other people who play a big role in your life. If a fight or breakup occurs, your lost love, feelings of frustration and pain can be reflected in a state of mind that will not be easy to recover. Never forget about yourself and that there are different moments in life when, apart from you, no one can or will not help themselves.

t add that it is not recommended to constantly help your partner financially or with advice, because this mutual assistance can negatively affect a loved one. He or she will shift responsibility for his or her life or well-being to you, while missing out on opportunities to work on oneself and self-actualize. At the same time, in a relationship, you cannot put yourself in the foreground and try to tell your loved one what and how he should do. It is necessary to learn to accept a person as he is, because that is how you love him. Instead of spoiling yourself and your significant other, in your free time do what you both like and that can help you better understand each other.

Is it harmful to dream?

Couples often start living together with no clue of each other's habits. A man and a woman, knowing the joy of love, can move too quickly under one roof, and then realize that their daily routine or habits are simply incompatible. To avoid sudden disappointment, it is better not to rush, because rare dates and scheduled meetings have their own charm.

We make our lives sweeter, but endless talk about what will never be is hardly meaningful. If you have serious intentions, then you can and should discuss and together make decisions about a wedding, a trip somewhere or a meeting with relatives. But if you are not yet such a close relationship, then the "play on words" may bore you and your lover. Here, everyone will involuntarily think: is it worth being with a person who talks a lot, but does practically nothing? Live in the present and solve problems and questions as they arise.

Keep your personal life private

Among lovers, especially girls, there is a special passion for covering their personal lives online. Relationships are a symphony of special moments and memories that only the couple can understand. If every minute of your life is laid out on the Internet, do not be surprised that you will not have enough time for intimate conversations with each other. Talking to your girlfriends about your man and his shortcomings is unlikely to lead to a solution to problems. Instead of letting people gossip behind your back, try to analyze your relationship with your loved one and gently hint about what you don't like.

In no case do not compare your relationship with the relationship of other people, because we are all individuals. In addition, many people turn the story of their partners into a fairy tale that should not be believed. Regrets like “why don't you make me coffee in the morning, my ex always did it” or “but dad always said that a normal man must have a“male”profession, and not the same as yours” will not change your partner, but can at some point become a stumbling block. You should help a loved one and approve of his own attempts to change himself and his life, and not nag him with phrases that it is high time for him to change his hairstyle or sign up for the gym to get in shape.

rhenium, including verbal, can give more effect than not always appropriate and sometimes offensive advice.

Conflicts as a way to understand each other

Some people deliberately avoid fights, but is that always a good thing? Resentments and unspoken phrases accumulate, and sooner or later a crisis will come. It must be remembered that your partner does not know how to read your thoughts, therefore it sometimes does not make sense to expect actions from him that he does not even know or think about. Silence will not solve problems. Their joint decision is one of the important components of the relationship, so it is better to occasionally quarrel than endure for months or years, and then express everything at one moment, slam the door and leave. Of course, starting scandals for any reason is not a good idea. If you don't like something, think about it, will you remember your dissatisfaction tomorrow morning? Not? Then is it worth making a loved one nervous?

you have misunderstandings, you need to strive for a compromise, but it is not always a solution to the problem, because to some extent the desires and interests of both parties are infringed upon. That is why sometimes it is worth seriously discussing this or that issue. It may be better to spend the day separately from each other, but do what was planned, than, for example, keep company with a partner and go to visit his distant relatives, and then ask yourself if it was not better to meet with someone who came from afar to your city childhood friend. In the modern world, many people associate jealousy with the manifestation of love. We often believe that trying to find out where and with whom our beloved was at one time or another shows him how much we care about him. In fact, such questions evoke thoughts of distrust and an attempt to control the life of another person, which he or she is unlikely to like.

Truth or lie?

Lying is bad, but if your partner lied and it came out, you shouldn't nag the culprit for weeks and repeat the same thing. The next time he dares to tell you the truth, he thinks about the consequences of this. We are all imperfect, so the recognition of a loved one should be taken with understanding, even if it's hard for you. The fact that your loved one told you the truth suggests that your relationship is important to him. If his remorse is sincere, forgive him and forget about the incident.

Often, in order to be forgiven, we give our partner something to make amends. It is unlikely that such a "bribery" will help restore relations, because gifts should be given out of pure motives, and not in unforeseen situations. Some of us like to test the feelings of our man or our girlfriend in a rather "original way": inventing lies to see how they react. Such "games" not only hurt your partner, but also make him doubt the next time, whether you are telling the truth, joking or hiding something. Trust is easy to lose and almost impossible to regain. Love is what we have dreamed of since childhood and adolescence, observing harmony in the relationship of parents, relatives or characters in films and books. But in real life, the feeling should be reasonable. Falling in love on the verge of insanity is unlikely to make you happy.

Dramatic conversations about what will happen if your loved one leaves you is not always pleasant and reasonable. You should not dissolve in a person and say that your whole life is in him or her, that you cannot live without him or her.

Your partner will feel connected. You should not force people to be with you, because a relationship is beautiful only when both lovers want to be together. Be sincere, respect each other, protect your relationship and keep working on it, and then peace and harmony await you for years to come!