Experiment MN: Connecting A Girl To A Lie Detector

Experiment MN: Connecting A Girl To A Lie Detector
Experiment MN: Connecting A Girl To A Lie Detector

Video: Experiment MN: Connecting A Girl To A Lie Detector

Video: I Hired a Lie Detector for My Little Sister's Boyfriend 2022, December

Our women:

Object A:

Magazine editor, 33, in a serious relationship for the past 2 years

Object B:

Second year student, 21 years old, currently available

Object B:

Kindergarten teacher, 25 years old, studying for a master's degree, currently available

Of course, we did not hang wires on our own women (to find out the whole truth about our relationship - this can destroy any marriage). But we found three significant victims and asked them eight questions each. And then they asked leading Western sexologists how typical our results were. And what can you personally, the reader, learn from this study? (Note from MH: We selected only female sexologists as consultants - in the hope that their theoretical advice was applied in practice).

1. Do you like to give blowjob?

Object A: yes

Object B: no

Object B: no

To get something, you must first give something

Well what can I say? Hooray! True, it is embarrassing that out of the three interrogation participants, only one confessed to her secret predilections - the one who had a permanent boyfriend. The rest do not want to show how much they like to please a man. The most offensive thing is that it is obvious that this reluctance often prevents them from taking real action. Do you have the same story? Sex therapist Jamie Waxman (USA), author of Hot Sex, gives advice: “If you want to have fun, please her first, prove that you are a generous guy. When you almost bring her to orgasm with oral sex, stop and start kissing her or caressing her body. She will be agitated, disinhibited and will want to return the favor. " The advice, in general, is simple. But it is a woman who gives it - we emphasize once again. This means that this idea has already worked with someone.

2. Does penis size matter?

Object A: yes

Object B: yes

Object B: yes

Make your cock look bigger. And felt the same

Who would have doubted. Size does matter, but not exactly what you think it is. According to the European Urology magazine, for 77% of women, length is not as important as, how to say, thickness. Cross section. How to get the most out of what nature has given you?

1. Try a new pose

When she is on top, she also controls the state of affairs (bodies?). If you are on top, then try to forget about deep penetration for a while. Instead, move a little forward so that the root of the penis makes contact with her clitoris. Start moving. Do 2-3 sets, the number of repetitions - to failure.

2. Shave your pubis

Don't forget this old trick. And also get rid of the belly and other body fat, in which up to 2-3 cm of the length of your phallus can sink.

We see them. Through

It's amazing, but we seem to have learned to recognize if we are being fooled by our partner who is groaning and kicking in bed. MH asked the readers of Men's Health Russia and Women's Health Russia a question on the same topic. The results were almost the same. Our men are geniuses. Or the women also lied to Men's Health.

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3. Do you often fake an orgasm?

Object A: no

Object B: no

Object B: no

Try something new

And nothing surprising. We already knew (theoretically) that not every sex for a woman ends with a climax. Sometimes there is no mood, sometimes the partner ended the hostilities too quickly … All this is not so scary. It's scary if a girl never ends up with you at all - only with herself.

According to a study conducted by King's College London, almost a third of women are unable to get an orgasm from regular sex with banal penetration, but without additional stimulation.If we have just exhaustively described your sex life, it is time to take action. Megan Fleming, Ph.D., sex therapist based in New York: “Let her lie on her stomach and caress herself with a vibrator, and you enter her from behind. Watch for signs of her approaching orgasm: she blushes, goosebumps appear, toes bend."

4. Do powerful men - also called "alpha males" turn you on?

Object A: yes

Object B: yes

Object B: yes

Remember what qualities women are attracted to.

Is it unusual that two of our three girls like alpha males? Not. Do you need to be Sasha Bely to excite her? Also no. The main thing is to demonstrate several important qualities.

1. Brains

Knowledge is power (sexual too). But mind you, intelligence is not about "learning War and Peace by heart in Chinese." This is the ability to instantly think in unfamiliar situations, offer non-standard (but correct) solutions to long-standing problems, learn quickly and connect distant ideas. Based on my own extensive knowledge, of course (I recognized where in the previous sentence is the quote from Lomonosov?)

2. Ability to handle money

No matter how much you earn, it is important how you manage this money wisely. In other words, if you shoot every month from your beloved "to paycheck", do not expect much respect. And if you know how to plan and distribute, it means that you are in control of the situation and are able to support your family. Everything, she is smitten on the spot.

3. Generosity

Not in the sense of dumping her with Italian boots and diamonds. And in the sense that not to hang over the general account for half an hour after a friendly dinner, calculating your share to the penny. To send her home in a taxi with her last money without frowning. Well, you understand - people and relationships are more important than money.

4. Honesty

If you honestly say what you need this relationship for, it will show your self-confidence. And this is attractive, even if you directly and calmly informed her that you do not intend to marry yet.

5. Do you ever get embarrassed when you get cunnilingus?

Object A: yes

Object B: yes

Object B: yes

Help her not to be shy

As you can see, everyone is embarrassed. So: compliments, compliments and compliments again! Words (if you can find what), looks, gestures. Your girl, you know better what will work.

Five signs of her insincerity

lies around the neck

1. “I once tracked down an armed fugitive and went to his mother's house,” recalls Joe Navarro, a former FBI special agent and non-verbal communication specialist. - Every time I said the word "son" or "home", she touched her neck. This struck me as strange, and later we discovered that the fugitive was hiding with her. This behavior can always be observed when someone is worried or in doubt."

turn it up

2. If her voice suddenly became quieter, she is deceiving you, says professor of psychology Richard Wiseman (UK).

3. Former military investigator Greg Hartley (USA), author of How to Reveal a Liar, adds: “Lying causes blood to drain from the lips. James Bond could expose a double agent girl on cold lips during a kiss on the cheek. You can do it too."

all right, nose

4. When you lie, you experience stress, blood pressure rises. Among other things, it causes a tingling sensation on the delicate inner walls of the nose and an irresistible urge to scratch them. If a girl rubs her nose, something is unclean.

5. Investigator Greg Hartley has something to add here: "And also, when a person lies, the mucous membrane of the eyelid dries up, and the frequency of blinking increases."

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6. Do you like it if someone offers to meet exclusively for sex?

Object A: yes

Object B: no

Object B: no

Write to her such SMS, which at least theoretically pulls for courtship

If she receives a text message late at night with an offer to meet for sex, she may feel like she is being used.But if our polygraph is not mistaken, the girls are partly flattered by such an offer. If you want to take a chance and try, choose a playful, adventurous woman - and best of all, one with whom you already had something. She may like this idea if there is more to it than just sex. For example: “Tired? Let me stop by to give you a massage? " Or: “I have a bottle of your favorite wine here. I can bring it if you are awake."

7. Have you ever wanted to have sex with a work colleague?

Object A: yes

Object B: yes

Object B: yes

Remember the rules of office sex

Sex in a non-sexual setting can be very arousing. The main thing is to do everything right.

1. Do this after the end of the working day. Less likely to get caught (and maybe fired).

2. Do this in familiar places - for example, in your office. If you haven't reached the office yet - in the break room at your factory. Make sure there are no surveillance cameras around.

3. Do not tighten. This is no place for long foreplay, do it quickly with your pants down.

4. Do not get used to it too much, otherwise one day you will definitely get excited. If you are excited about the risk, find another place better - for example, in the car in the parking lot.

8. Would you like to have a more hectic intimate life?

Object A: yes

Object B: yes

Object B: yes

Have sex like the first time

“The novelty of the sensations from the first contact with the body of a new lover is intoxicating - the brain receives a whole cocktail of hormones of joy,” says psychologist Justin Lemiller from Harvard. By trying something new instead of a boring routine, you can revive these feelings.

Do it before work

"Testosterone levels in both men and women peak in the morning," says Lemiller. Consequently, the desire of both of you at this time will be stronger.

Do it on the living room floor

Or in the shower. Or in the woods. Sex in unusual places excites more than love in the bedroom, where she has thoroughly studied all the cracks in the ceiling.

Live a week without a missionary position!

Yes, set yourself this task: seven contacts in seven days. That being said, promise yourself not to use any of the poses in your usual arsenal. Only those that have long wanted to try, but did not dare. If something goes wrong, you can just laugh at it together.

Enter the role

Role-playing can refresh the sexual experience, Lemiller says. No, we are not talking about dressing up as a stewardess and a policeman (most of us will not be able to do anything out of laughter). Try a better scenario: you are two strangers who just met at a bar (you need to come to the bar strictly separately). Forward!

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