Cosmo Test: How Well Do You Know Men?

Cosmo Test: How Well Do You Know Men?
Cosmo Test: How Well Do You Know Men?

Video: Cosmo Test: How Well Do You Know Men?

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Some women read men like an open book, and some do not understand at all how men really work. Do you want to know how well you know about men? Take our test!


Test: How well do you know men?

Question 1 of 8

Let's start with a simple question. What does a man who gets lost on the road do?

Swears with the navigator

Looks at the map

Asks the locals for directions

Asks me for directions, of course!

Goes straight, because "somewhere there was a turn, I remember"

Question 2 of 8

Now the questions will be more difficult! What does a man think about when going on a date?

About whether there will be sex tonight

He is trying to urgently forget all the jokes about Lieutenant Rzhevsky

He rehearses in front of the mirror - he says compliments to himself

He doesn't think about anything. It's us girls who are nervous

About where the hell went the last clean jeans

Question 3 of 8

What fear will men never tell anyone about?

Everyone is afraid of getting old, and men too. What is there to hide?

Dentists are not ashamed to be afraid of them, but spiders are ashamed, you see!

Fear of public speaking

Obviously! They are afraid of losing potency, but they never admit

They are afraid of losing face

Question 4 of 8

And now for the pleasant. The best gift for a boy for his thirties is

Question 5 of 8

Suppose the holiday is a success, and a man comes home at 3 a.m. drunk. What will he say in his defense?

I don't have to report!

Sorry darling it just happened

I drank the last glass in vain, it's true

I’m terribly awesome!

Won't say anything

Question 6 of 8

A question that any man will answer correctly: imagine that Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger are fighting. Who will win?

Bruce, because he is a real martial artist, not a bodybuilder

Arnie because he always wins

There was no such movie!

This is basically impossible, what nonsense ?!

Chuck Norris will come and hang everyone

Question 7 of 8

Blitz question: very quickly, without thinking, choose associations. "Grandpa Lenin -"

October revolution, social democratic party, communism

When Lenin was small, with a curly head

Red Square and Mausoleum

School uniform and october badge

Mold and linden honey

Question 8 of 8

And the last thing. Imagine that you are a powerful goddess and can endow men with qualities that will make them perfect. What do you think they lack?

Tenderness, calmness and developed paternal instinct

Reliability and responsibility, of course

I will not add anything. I will take away selfishness and self-importance that has grown from scratch

In general, everything is fine, and let the imperfections correct themselves.

Some powerful goddess has already invented me for this

Pass again

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