Wedding And Love Forever: What The Poisoned Star Of "House-2" Lost

Wedding And Love Forever: What The Poisoned Star Of "House-2" Lost
Wedding And Love Forever: What The Poisoned Star Of "House-2" Lost

Video: Wedding And Love Forever: What The Poisoned Star Of "House-2" Lost

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Today, March 13, the star of the infamous reality show "Dom-2" Maria Politova would have turned 31 years old. Her lover said that he wanted to propose to her and chose wedding rings, but the wedding was not destined to happen.


A series of new photos has appeared on the official page of Maria Politova on the Instagram social network. The pictures show the star of "House-2" posing with her beloved Artem Shanurov. It was he who published the footage. Artem said that today, March 13, Maria would have turned 31 years old.

"Exactly a year ago, she came to me to celebrate her anniversary - and it turned out that we are not just old friends. The photos show that very day and that very moment. It was a surprise for both of us, we had known each other for more than 11 years. years, "Shanurov said.

According to the man, since then Maria Politova said that she was happy. “She finally began a normal life and for the first time found a real home and family. That she wants to grow old together. There was not even the slightest doubt that this would be forever. Forever it worked only for her..” - noted Artem.

He said that on the day Maria disappeared, he chose wedding rings for them at work. “Today, on our first anniversary, I was going to propose to her. I was sure that we had our whole life ahead,” Shanurov admitted.

Next, the man made a promise to subscribers. "There will come a moment, and I will tell you what happened, why this future was destroyed. Not today, but soon," Politova's beloved intrigued Internet users.

In conclusion, he showered the girl with compliments: “Masha was the brightest, kind, loving, caring and loyal person I have met in my life. This one is no longer and will never be. Those who knew her were lucky - we were lucky to be close to the Angel. Real. Pray for her."

We will remind, Maria Politova disappeared on December 4, 2017. The alarm after the disappearance of the girl was sounded by her common-law husband Artem Shanurov. The star of "House-2" was sought after by volunteers throughout the capital region. On December 13, they decided to check the dacha owned by Maria's family. There, at the fence and found a girl. She was dead

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