Gosha Kutsenko: Wife Is Not Jealous - She Feels Everything With Her Eyes

Gosha Kutsenko: Wife Is Not Jealous - She Feels Everything With Her Eyes
Gosha Kutsenko: Wife Is Not Jealous - She Feels Everything With Her Eyes

Video: Gosha Kutsenko: Wife Is Not Jealous - She Feels Everything With Her Eyes

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Gosha Kutsenko is called one of the sex symbols of Russian cinema. However, not everyone dreams of going to bed with him. The other day Gosha admitted that women often refused him sex.


At the end of May, Gaucher turned 52. Many men consider this age to be their prime, but Kutsenko thinks differently.

“Young people get more sex and eroticism than me,” Gosha confesses. “You don’t have to lie. A man is not wine and cognac, he is a living organism. Therefore, young guys are cooler. Although those who are older are richer. But the young have more advantages. The main thing is that they have a young heart, and it loves brighter than mine. I'm already cynical, sophisticated. Therefore, I say right away: if for love, then it is better to go to the young. And if for the money - then to us, the old people. Although happiness is not about money. All happiness is in love!

Such reasoning did not arise by Kutsenko by accident. Gosha has always called sex the main hobby in life. The actor admits that this activity brings him great pleasure.

“With age, there is a rethinking of many values ​​that were important to you in your youth,” continues Gosha. - I like the words: "To undress for love!" Nice slogan. I believe that if everyone follows it, then our children will begin to be born, the economy will recover.

Gosha himself does not hide: in his intimate life everything was solely out of love. Although at times he wanted to go all out. Kutsenko admitted that several times, for example, he himself offered sex in exchange for a role. But he was refused.

- At work, I have not had a single sex adventure, - the actor confesses. - I would be glad, but I have never crawled through the bed anywhere. Although sometimes I offered myself. He came to the casting, said: "Take me, I'm ready for anything!" But nobody agreed. Probably, this is due to the fact that I am old. Started long ago!

But at social events, beauties do not give Gaucher a pass. Secular lionesses cling to the stellar body. Gosha himself keeps his distance. Now he is happily married to his wife Irina Skrinichenko. The couple are raising two daughters.

- Is my wife jealous? I haven't asked her about this for ten years! But we must ask one of these days! - laughs Gosha. - She's not a jealous woman. He feels everything with his eyes. Therefore, he beats, humiliates and takes away all my money!

Gosha Kutsenko is tired of an actor's career. Now he is interested in trying himself as a director and producer. Gosha recently presented his debut film "Balkan Frontier" and is not going to stop there.

- I think that as soon as I finish filming "Ambulance", I will go singing, become a director and producer. You need to tie up with the movie! I want to start my own series, produce a new picture. As a guest actor, I am no longer interested. I like being a director and producer. Although I do not have a single commercially successful picture. Only "Love-Carrot" was.

With Kristina Orbakaite, Gosha created the perfect acting tandem

Gosha does not forget about music either. Kutsenko has been performing with his own group for a long time. Soon he plans to change roles and become a rapper.

- Very soon I am releasing a new video for the song "Olga", which will sound in the fourth season of the series, - says Gosha. - In general, I'm going to hip-hop. So now I'm a rapper. I will definitely arrange battles. But not with Timati and Basta. We know the guys. But while I'm scared with them - I need to grow up!

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