Marina Zudina: "I Don't Believe In Unrequited Love"

Marina Zudina: "I Don't Believe In Unrequited Love"
Marina Zudina: "I Don't Believe In Unrequited Love"

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The actress shares her life lessons

Marina Zudina became famous and beloved by the audience as a student, starring in the lead roles of the best directors. She says that at the age of sixteen she literally pulled out a lucky ticket when she went to audition for Oleg Tabakov. They have been a strong family for many years. But in March 2018, fate turned one hundred and eighty degrees: the closest person passed away. How does the actress feel today in the profession, what does she think about love and is she happy?

1. About the profession

I was very lucky in my life. I dreamed of being an actress! I dreamed of studying with Tabakov. I believed in this, and everything became reality.

I loved the theater that he created together with us - his students. Although at that time I played there not the most interesting roles for me. But for me the main thing was to be close to Oleg Pavlovich. At the beginning of my career, my career developed much more successfully in the cinema.

Any theater is associated with the personality of the person who directs it. I don't understand the abstract love of the profession. Probably, if I had not met Oleg Pavlovich, I would have been disappointed in the behind-the-scenes life, perhaps, I would have only been filming and not attached to anything.

Today I am interested in what I do specifically, and I live more by my own interests, but I am calm about everything that happens in both theaters, which were directed by Oleg Pavlovich.

2. About happiness and love

Happiness is love. To my work, to children, to a man, to friends, to nature, to music, and a lot to what life itself. This is generally a view of life! I am a happy person and a happy woman. Although in different periods of her life she lived very differently. I'm talking more about the inner state, about being filled with love.

Can you learn to be happy? I do not know. Apparently, I was born with this feeling. And this does not depend on the amount of money and external attributes. I am still very interested in living. I have learned, to a greater extent than before, to exist in a specific moment, to appreciate what is happening to me right now.

I don't believe in unrequited love. She is always flawed and defective. Anyway, for those who have experienced a real mutual feeling. In general, people are interesting to me just as much as they are interested in me.

3. About me

I have always been independent and largely self-sufficient. But at the same time shy, which sometimes bothered me. With the advent of the first success in cinema, confidence has increased. Only demand and success give the actor inner freedom.

There are doubts in my life, it is inevitable, but they relate to making important business decisions. Basically, I live intuitively, I do not calculate anything and do not think over the moves.

I can't say that my character changes dramatically over the years. Experience just comes, you become more tolerant, softer, you find an excuse for the actions of people. I see in life more bright, interesting, beautiful and harmonious, despite all the difficulties of life. I think this is due to the fact that I was largely formed by Oleg Pavlovich, who loved life and was always an optimist!

4. About age and beauty

Beauty is a kind of inner harmony, spirituality, individuality, talent. This is a broad concept for me. Outward beauty depends on subjective perception, because people have different tastes.

I like beautiful women and men! I appreciate people who look good. And especially those who regularly play sports or any physical training. It deserves respect.

In my youth, it seemed to me that girls have a serious advantage over more mature women. Then I realized that age in personal relationships is not important to such an extent if a man is self-sufficient and smart.

As for the female sense of age, at thirty I gave birth to a son, and at forty-one I had a daughter, and I again became a young mother. Plus I have good genetics. Although I cannot say that the numbers make me happy. But if we cannot change something, we must accept it.

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