5 Female Names That Attract Men Like A Magnet

5 Female Names That Attract Men Like A Magnet
5 Female Names That Attract Men Like A Magnet

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As practice shows, men are not attracted by complex and intricate names, like Isolde or Isabella. For some reason, men are afraid of them, perhaps due to the fact that the owners of such names are overly confident and independent. Men, on the other hand, want to show their strength and masculinity with more fragile girls who need the care and participation of the other half. Therefore, men prefer simple and gentle names.

Among the names that men are the first to call, if you ask them about their favorite female names, they call:


Women with this name are very kind and helpful. As a rule, Annas are very hardworking. Also, Anyuta is slightly shy and modest, which especially attracts men who want to protect them from various experiences and shocks. Annas become wonderful mothers, as they adore children, and thanks to the ability to keep emotions under control, they carefully preserve the family hearth.

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Unwittingly, this name in men is associated with home warmth and comfort, with tenderness and love. After all, the very mother of Jesus Christ was called Mary. She is an honest and unselfish girl, while she will never allow people to use her kindness. Men perceive girls with the name Maria as ideal candidates for the role of wife and continuer of the family.

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Helens usually live in their own world, admitting only a select few. They are gullible, and reality often disappoints them, so with age, they trust people less. Elena are very serious girls, but at the same time emotional and impressionable. At the same time, Elena, as a rule, is kind and gentle, she is also distinguished by politeness, she tries not to do bad things to people, this is unacceptable for her. Such qualities attract men like a magnet, it is easy to get attached to her.

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Victoria leads among the names named by representatives of the strong half of humanity as attractive. Victoria is a very sonorous and pleasant name in itself, plus it endows its owner with features that men really like. Victoria is a very feminine and charming girl, so men willingly pay attention to Vikul.

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Nastya is also a leader in the ranking of names that men are crazy about. Representatives of the strong half of humanity dream of calling their daughters Nastenka, as they associate this name with tenderness, kindness and sonorous laughter.

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