15 Unexpected Things That Turn Men On

15 Unexpected Things That Turn Men On
15 Unexpected Things That Turn Men On

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We are all accustomed to believe that the main pathogens for men are perfect lace underwear and flawless shapes. Or maybe we are catastrophically wrong?


Morning stretching

Men, in general, are known to appreciate a "cozy" woman. That is, of course, a fashion show on high heels, and even in a short skirt, will not leave anyone indifferent, but home, morning "sipping" in pajamas (you can't stretch too actively in a frank peignoir) excite better than any striptease.

Firstly, because when you are asleep, you seem to your beloved even more defenseless, and secondly, because you completely and unconditionally belong to him at this moment, and what could be more beautiful than the feeling of complete possession? So if you don't want your morning to start with coffee, stretch.


To be honest, there is still no scientific explanation that could help us understand why men like angry women so much. But, nevertheless, men like women in anger and this is a fact.

Surely each of us at least once in our life has heard the phrase "you are so beautiful when you are angry." It seems to us that a man cornered is going to calm us down in such an absurd way, or to anger us even more, and meanwhile, he really admires you. Well, rough sex as a reconciliation is a very good option.

Wild hair

The same pattern works here as with stretching in pajamas. You are cozy, homely, no styling, no cosmetics (we will talk about this separately).

You can spend as much time styling as you like, buying curling irons, irons and tongs, but the fact remains - he wants you not at all because of your ideal styling. Maybe the secret is that he just likes you, and not your flawless curls?

Lack of makeup

Scientists have calculated that the average Russian woman spends about 1,000,000 rubles on cosmetics in her entire life. Do you feel the scope? However, the presence of cosmetics on a woman's face leaves many men completely indifferent, and some representatives of the stronger sex do not like it at all when a woman is wearing makeup.

Even in spite of the joke that is widespread in women's circles about natural makeup, which takes much more time and, which is remarkable, money, rather than an unpretentious and, as a result, vulgar, our men still prefer naturalness in its purest form.

In addition, do not forget that representatives of the strong half of humanity love to kiss, and fighting lipstick and foundation is not a task for the faint of heart. So, when applying makeup, remember that it can not only attract male attention, but also alienate a man from you with closer communication.

Checked shirts

What could be sexier than a girl dressed in a plaid shirt, regardless of whether she is wearing a naked body or a T-shirt (although a naked body is probably still better). In the eyes of a man, you immediately become a kind of bully who is not against the most daring experiments in bed.

But do not overdo it, from time to time the cage needs to be changed to something else, otherwise it will become a habit, and a habit is no longer sexy.

Girl with musical instrument

Which instrument a woman plays is absolutely irrelevant, but they do it, in the opinion of the opposite sex, a hundred times hotter than any professional musician.

And if you are also the owner of a vocal talent, not a single connoisseur of beauty can resist before you. However, in case the music is not yours at all - learn to tap out the rhythm on the washboard. This works too.

Small tummy

Despite the fact that advertisers convince us of the need to have an ideal figure and abs with cubes, earthly men think quite differently.

With an outwardly ideal woman, the same problem as with a handsome man, several questions arise at once, the main one of which:

"What to do about it?"

Put it on the shelf? To admire? Dust off from time to time? Or maybe invest millions in maintaining an impeccable appearance? Absolutely incomprehensible. And, in the end, who will bake pancakes and cook borscht?

Our protectors prefer soft women, so a nice little belly, which you can lie on like on a pillow, looks very natural, which undoubtedly excites men. On top of that, when a woman's figure is not ideal, then a man against her background is calmer about his bodily shortcomings, not cultivating complexes about this.


Each of us falls into serious despair when the first "cobwebs" appear around the eyes. For us, wrinkles are the first step towards the inevitable. Our loved ones, however, think quite differently.

No, of course, you shouldn't turn into a Shar Pei, but many men find small "nets" very sexy, because they say that they are a mature, experienced woman, and sexually, too, which turns them on a lot.

In addition, as you know, pronounced mimic wrinkles around the eyes and in the nasolabial area often appear when a woman laughs a lot. At the same time, a woman who is sad and worn out by constant depression is of no use to anyone. A man can perfectly reflect himself, why does he need someone else to load?

Small breasts

Contrary to popular belief, not all men dream of their partner having a size 5 breast. Even the 4th is too big.

Most of the stronger sex do not consider the size of the breast to be of fundamental importance, but its shape and firmness. And these parameters are more often at the height of the owners of a small bust. After all, small breasts are light and often have an attractive and toned appearance, sag less and retain their shape longer.

Good appetite

Alas, in recent years, all women without exception are passionate about diets and a healthy lifestyle. Great, the truth is, men are not turned on.

Of course, no one invites you to eat a mammoth in one sitting, but chewing a cabbage leaf sadly throughout the entire date is also not the best option. After all, most men want an earthly beauty, not a forest nymph.

If a woman has a good healthy appetite, and she is not shy about choosing alcohol, then this speaks of her inner strength and confidence and that she does not care what others think of her. In addition, by trying various dishes and not giving up various alcoholic beverages, a woman gives a man a non-verbal signal that she will not take courage in bed either.


The points that many of us have earned in school the title of nerd and nerd in adulthood have the opposite effect.

Behind them, the woman seems fragile and defenseless (unless, of course, in an attempt to see something from a distance, you do not squint like a hired killer with a rifle), or, on the contrary, confident and independent - both of which awaken the sexual fantasy of men.

Low voice

Firstly, the squeaky voice annoys everyone, because, pray tell, who can endure almost ultrasound, and even throughout the evening?

But men find the girl's low, and even slightly hoarse voice incredibly sexy. Whispering all kinds of frankness in your ear with such a voice is the best recipe for seduction, by the way. In addition, there is a chance that even if you still find yourself in family life as a "hysterical", your chosen one will not burst eardrums at the first scandal.

White areas on a tanned body

Despite the fact that the presence of marks from panties and bras makes you unlike the perfect beauty from the cover of a glossy magazine, men nevertheless love it very much. Why?

It's very simple: in combination with tanned areas of the skin, whites look even more naked.

Long skirts

With long skirts, everything is simple - a secret is hidden under them, and meanwhile mothers and grandmothers taught us from childhood that it is not at all necessary to show everything at once.

So - flying fabrics and skirts up to the heels are our everything, because under them, according to the opposite sex, something supernatural and incredibly attractive can be hidden, even if your loved one has already seen you β€œall” more than once.

Bare feet

In the old days, when girls could not even dream of modern emancipation, bare feet were considered a hint of nudity.

This meant that the woman was not wearing stockings, which, of course, could not leave any man indifferent.

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