Liz Hurley Shares Her Spectacular Topless Photo

Liz Hurley Shares Her Spectacular Topless Photo
Liz Hurley Shares Her Spectacular Topless Photo

Video: Liz Hurley Shares Her Spectacular Topless Photo

Video: Elizabeth Hurley, 55, shares nude photo, denies rumor she's filming ‘Waltons’-style reality show. 2022, December

Recently, Elizabeth Hurley often pleases her fans, generously sharing her photos in swimsuits with them. The actress's last gift to fans is her "topless" photo, which she posted on her microblog.

The picture shows Liz, nestled on a sun lounger in the garden of her home in Herefordshire, Britain, lying on her stomach, flirtatiously lifting her slender legs up. At the same time, the 52-year-old actress has some papers in her hands. But the most piquant thing in this picture is that the actress is dressed, at the same time, only in the lower part of a bikini swimsuit.

Fans of the actress have already expressed their delight about this photo. "She's just incredibly sexy for her age!" - wrote one of them. "Liz is the most beautiful woman in the world!" - commented another.

Hurley's new photo was the continuation of a series of pictures that she had previously shared with fans. In one of the previous shots, Liz watered her lawn, and in the other, she demonstrated enviable flexibility while performing a yoga pose. By the way, although the actress managed to maintain an almost perfect figure at her age, she, according to her assurances, does not work out on simulators.

According to Hurley, she generally hates regular fitness. He, as the actress said, is successfully replaced by yoga classes. However, Liz believes that in order to feel good in your body, it is not at all necessary to be thin and have pumped up muscles. “A woman should feel confident and comfortable in a swimsuit, whatever size she wears. It's a matter of self-esteem! " - says Hurley.

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