Wives File For Divorce More Often Than Husbands

Wives File For Divorce More Often Than Husbands
Wives File For Divorce More Often Than Husbands

Video: Wives File For Divorce More Often Than Husbands

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Researchers from the American University of Michigan concluded that women are more dissatisfied with family life than men, and are twice as likely to file for divorce.


Anna Iotko, psychologist:

- Men are more likely to look for difficult paths, set ambitious goals, strive for an unattainable social status. And a woman needs to hear every day about how beautiful she is and how she is loved. Men believe that a wedding is already a sign of love. As a result, women experience attention deficit disorder. I recommend conducting an experiment: at least three times a day write SMS with compliments to your wife. Most women will bloom very soon, as words are enough for many to be inspired by their husband.

Irina Polovinkina, student:

- Not surprising! Men are getting lazier. You won't get any help around the house or warmth from them. I believe that a woman should be the keeper of the hearth, create comfort and bear children. But in modern realities you have to go to study and work in order to then be able to take on all household chores.

Igor Serebryany, founder of the public movement "Interregional Fathers Committee":

- This indicator changes from country to country, and this statement is true only in the states of Christian civilization. For a woman, marriage is a thing that is very much tied to material, financial things. And when a woman marries a successful and rich man, she assumes that he will remain so throughout his life. And then - life is long - it turns out that during courtship the man behaved more generously than usual. He spread his tail like a peacock. And he simply cannot maintain his behavior throughout the entire time of the relationship. Therefore, women often feel cheated. Hence this discontent arises. And a man is less disappointed, because he knew the alignment of forces in advance, and the effect of disappointed expectations does not extend to him.

Elena Susova, singer:

- There are very few real men left now. Any woman should know that she has protection, hope and support. Young girls try to delay marriage as long as possible. Alcohol and drug addiction, especially in the hinterland, lead to the fact that everything rests on women. Often the wife drags everything on herself for the sake of children and family happiness. You need to understand that a family is a huge work, you need to work on yourself all the time and negotiate.

Andrey Gvozdilin, milling machine operator:

- The problem of women is that they want a lot. No matter how hard you try, it's not enough for them. A man feeds, dresses - they are still unhappy. Yes, they cook, they clean, but this is how it should be. A woman runs a house, a man earns - that's the way things are.

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