Anna Chipovskaya Got Married

Anna Chipovskaya Got Married
Anna Chipovskaya Got Married

Video: Anna Chipovskaya Got Married

Video: Anna Chipovskaya Got Married
Video: Anya Chipovskaya — «Get Your Kicks on Route 66» 2023, September

Anna Chipovskaya is a wonderful actress, whose unusual appearance and talent attract the attention of fans. Many of them cannot wait for the photos from the wedding of a young woman and the "acquaintance" with their new husband.


Finally waited

More recently, photos of Anna in a wedding dress and in an embrace with the famous actor Nikita Pamfilov began to appear on the Internet. Most netizens were puzzled by these pictures, because everyone knows that a man has been happily married for almost 10 years on the other.

So what happens? It was all a hoax, and the feelings of the lovers have not passed the test of time?

No, not a deception, or rather, the incomplete truth lies in something else. Anna Chipovskaya tried on the role of a wife not in real life, but on the set. In the new serial film, her husband is a successful lawyer who has not lost a single case.

He loves his wife to madness and is immensely happy that one day they played a beautiful wedding, as evidenced by numerous photos. It's even a pity that they are fake.

Indeed, in the new film "Winners" we are talking about real and bright feelings. This is the same eternal love that everyone dreams of, but not everyone can get it.

The events of the film take place in St. Petersburg in 1895. Nikolai Andronov (played by the same Nikita Pamfilov) is trying with all his might to defend his honor and reputation of a lawyer in an unequal struggle with prosecutor Gushchin. This person has only one goal - to break the defender of law and order and prove that he is able to "beat" anyone.

What is the role of Anna Chipovskaya

The main task of the actress in "Winners" is to prove that a woman is, first of all, the support of the house. Its rear, so to speak. Her first duty as a wife is to support her chosen one in any situation, give wise advice and convince him that everything will work out.

And not because "it is necessary." Nikolai's wife really believes in what she says. After all, they have been living together for many years and on their way of life there have been various adversities, difficulties, losses and difficult decisions.

But in spite of everything, lovers are still sincere in their feelings and treat each other with great warmth and respect. “Looking at this couple, you understand that this is the kind of relationship everyone should have. Then there will be much fewer broken hearts and failed families."

Anna Chipovskaya, during a conversation with reporters, admitted that she and her “husband” were very comfortable working together. And to play such sincere love is sheer pleasure.

But beyond the "fictional world", these relations will never progress, and even more so will not lead to a wedding. And the audience, most likely, will not be lucky enough to see real photos of the wedding feast soon.

True information about personal life

Like many representatives of "stellar" professions, Anna is in no hurry to tell others what is going on in her heart and with which man she dreams of connecting her life.

At the beginning of her career, there were rumors that Chipovskaya was romantically linked with Alexei Vorobyov. The young girl often appeared in the videos of the famous singer, and they have quite a lot of common photos.

But Anna assured everyone that she communicated with Alexei as with a friend. True, Vorobyov himself once made a reservation that he was in love with a girl, but he could not achieve reciprocity.

The next attributed novel is with Daniil Kozlovsky. Journalists constantly asked the actors about possible "close" relationships, but they only kept silent and smiled mysteriously.

Of course, this behavior, together with joint photos and past failures, gave rise to a lot of rumors about a future wedding. But soon it became known that Danila Kozlovsky was not going to become the husband of Anna Chipovskaya - another man took her heart.

And it was Daniil Sergeev, the head of a well-known advertising agency in Moscow. Their relationship has been going on for several years, but it is not a fact that everything will end with a stamp in the passport.

Anna says the "classic" relationship is not for her. She does not see the point in formalities, she does not want to be "weighed" by children and sit within four walls. The main thing is to have a reliable man nearby who will always lend a helping hand and be able to make you feel like a woman.