How To Check A Husband For Treason

How To Check A Husband For Treason
How To Check A Husband For Treason

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Popular wisdom says: "A smart woman looks after herself, and a stupid woman looks after her man." But no! An intelligent woman is one who finds out about the danger in time and decides whether she wants to fight for her family or whether she needs to be the first to call a lawyer.

Reasons to suspect a loved one in a romance on the side are rarely stereotyped. Scarlet lipstick on the collar, long hair on the jacket, calls "wrong number" in the middle of the night and someone else's earring in the car - it happens, but extremely rarely. Yet men have learned to cover their tracks and act more subtly. What should the modern Mrs. Columbo pay attention to?

There are three major warning markers: appearance, work, and intimacy.

1. Subscription to the gym (provided that the last time he was there before the wedding). Refusal of high-calorie meals and the desire to lose weight. New haircut, shirt, etc. Of course, hyper-care about your appearance - all this can be done and just like that … But this is unlikely.

2. Suddenly, work began to take up a lot of time. Urgent projects, delays, and late meetings are all cause for stress.

3. The amount of intimacy has sharply decreased (and this is not so much about sex as about affection and caring behavior!). If cheating is an uncharacteristic feature of your man, then he may feel uncomfortable when he is equally affectionate with you and with his new girlfriend.

Of course, nothing in the world is one hundred percent proof of treason, except for being caught red-handed. But if there is an intuitive feeling that the matter is unclean, you need to act. The main thing is to maintain complete equanimity in order to dull the vigilance of the "victim" of the investigation. The easiest way to check is to put a spyware on the phone: it will show its real location, this will already be enough to assess its fidelity. If the technique shows that everything is okay, but the feeling that something is happening under the nose still remains, then….

Just do not repeat the mistakes of others, do not catch your husband "on live bait", as shown in the movie "Chloe" with Juliana Moore. The heroine hires a young and seductive night butterfly (played by Amanda Seyfried) to try to seduce her husband and provide a detailed account of their meeting. Their meetings are becoming more frequent, the details of betrayal are more and more piquant, and the situation begins to get out of control. In general, remember, as in that joke:

The husband brought his wife to a banquet with colleagues for the first time.

- Who is that woman in the red dress?

- The boss's mistress.

- And that plump brunette? - The chief accountant's mistress.

- And in a yellow floral dress?

- The mistress of the head of the department.

- And this slender blonde?

- My mistress!

- Ours is the best!

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