Tarot Reader: "Most Likely, Nikolaev And Proskuryakova Will Disperse"

Tarot Reader: "Most Likely, Nikolaev And Proskuryakova Will Disperse"
Tarot Reader: "Most Likely, Nikolaev And Proskuryakova Will Disperse"

Video: Tarot Reader: "Most Likely, Nikolaev And Proskuryakova Will Disperse"

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Natalia Kopneva explains why the composer took off his wedding ring

Fans have recently noticed that in fresh photographs Igor Nikolaev is increasingly appearing without a symbol of love and marriage - a wedding ring. And although neither he nor his wife Yulia Proskuryakova made any statements about the breakup, the followers were still worried about the artists' family happiness. And, according to tarologist and parapsychologist Natalia Kopneva, their concern is not unreasonable.

“They have a fairly free atmosphere in their relationship now. First of all, each of them lives independently. Everyone does what he wants. Nikolaev has an inner resentment, and he shows it. He has apathy and disappointment in his soul. He understands that something needs to be changed, but he is not yet ready to decide on this. His wife does not show that they have a problem in the family. She is oblivious to the fact that he removed the ring. And, of course, it is not just that. The family has a problem. Nikolaev is even a little depressed. His wife just doesn't want to show it visually. Nikolaev may and wants to improve relations, but the problem is that the two of them seem to have frozen feelings. They will most likely disperse very soon. Their love has gone through all phases, and the important element of attraction has already gone. There is no life between them. She is more prone to divorce than he is. But both are ready in theory, "Kopneva told WomanHit.ru.

“Nikolaev is upset because of his daughter and her upbringing, because the family will not be complete. In about 3 months they will have a chance to restore everything and achieve some kind of balance. However, not everything is so simple and cloudless. If the family breaks up, then the child will become the main problem. They will share it. Nikolaev will have a lady of the heart - a young girl - and very quickly. Leaving, in fact, will be forced. Until the last, he will hold on to a straw. Now they have a scandal in their family, then a showdown, then a calm. All this will lead them to the decision to disperse,”concluded the tarot reader.

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