I Would Go To Farmers: Named The "sexiest" Professions

I Would Go To Farmers: Named The "sexiest" Professions
I Would Go To Farmers: Named The "sexiest" Professions

Video: I Would Go To Farmers: Named The "sexiest" Professions

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Video: Which Professions Have the Most Sex? 2023, February

Lelo UK has found out which professions are most sexually active. According to its results, the profession of a farmer was recognized as the most "sexual". 33% of agricultural representatives surveyed admitted having sex at least once a day, according to Mirror Online. The survey involved 2,000 men and women of various professions.

Two-thirds (67%) of farmers believe that their bedroom work can be considered excellent. Architects are on the second line: 21% of representatives have sex every day. The third line went to hairdressers: 17% of barbers boasted that they indulge in pleasures every day.

The last line of the rating was taken by journalists. One in five representatives of this profession admitted that they have sex only once a month.

The authors of the study identified the factors influencing the sexual life of representatives of various fields of activity. This includes the degree of physical activity at work, and the impact of the environment, and flexible hours. Previously, British scientists have confirmed the positive effect of an active lifestyle on sex. In addition, regular lovemaking rejuvenates the body: the body produces the hormone oxytocin during intercourse. It makes the skin elastic and keeps the muscles in good shape.

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